Ganta Methodist Hospital Receives Clinical Materials


The Ganta Development Association (GDA), a developmental organization based in Minnesota, United States of America, has identified with the Ganta Methodist Hospital in Ganta, Nimba County with some clinical materials to help strengthen health care delivery.

The clinical materials worth US$50,000 according to the chairman of the GDA, Mark Domah, include surgical masks, gloves, beds, among others.

Domah told the Daily Observer that the gesture is his organization way of giving back to the community.

According to him, members of the organization are all Liberian citizens who are thinking about how they can buttress the effort of the government in undertaking development back home.  

“We as residents of Ganta living in the USA have thought it wise to help the hospital so that it can extend quality health care to the community,” said Domah.

Domah recounted that the donation was not the first of its kind, stating that there are other things that they have done in the past for the community.

“This is not our first time in Liberia. In April last year, we donated wheel borrows and other sanitation materials to the city corporation. Also, sometime this year we identified with the residents through COVID-19 materials to help the government fight the virus.

Domah said that his organization was established in 2016 with the objective to promote unity and peace among the citizens from Nimba who are residing in the USA.

He added that they are also working with the citizens back home with developmental initiatives. “Ganta is our home and we are planning to help improve the city in so many ways. Currently, we also want to establish a computer lab but, due to the COVID-19, it is being delayed.”

The GDA chairman said that they were working with local authorities and national leaders to carry out development within the county.

“We sit with the leaders and talk on how we can carry out development. But we are not involved with political activities as our initiatives are purely about development to see how we can help our people back home.”

Domah disclosed that they were raising funds from their members to seek help from charity organizations within the US to identify with Liberians back home.

According to him, Liberia can only be develop provided the citizens are willing to work together.

“We all belong to this country and have the responsibility to develop it. So, we all need to work together to see how we can move our country forward,” he said.

The administrator of the hospital, Allen Zomonway, said that they were very delighted with the donation by members of the GDA.

He said that the medical supplies came at the time when the hospital really needed it.

“We appreciate the way those guys from the U.S are handling the activity of the Ganta Hospital. We lived in a resource-limited time; so we will start to use the masks and gloves to treat our patients,” Zomonway said.


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