945,000 Children Targeted for Polio Vaccination

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The coordinator of Supplementary Immunization Activities at the Ministry of Health said over 945, 000 children across the country have been targeted for this year’s polio vaccination beginning today.

Polio is a crippling and potentially deadly infectious disease caused by a virus that spreads from person to person invading the brain and spinal cord and causing paralysis.

At the Ministry of Information regular Thursday press briefing, Augustine Newray said due to the lack of cure for polio, vaccination is the best means of protection to stop the disease from spreading.

According to him, there will be 2,300 vaccination teams that will go to various houses, business centers, market places, playgrounds to ensure that the goal to kick polio out of Liberia is achieved.

He said Liberia was among many countries that were certificated as polio-free in 2008, but unfortunately after a year, Liberia had an outbreak, which saw nine new cases in 2009.

“Liberia has made gains in polio eradication over three to four years since the last case was recorded in District #1 in Grand Bassa in 2010. We are following global protocols to be on par with other countries,” he explained.

“As part of the global community,” Mr. Newray said, “we have set the target that come 2018 we will be part of the polio-free nations.

During the campaign this year, we are using polio as a window to introduce vitamin ‘A’ for children under five years, but the real age is from one-year to five years. They will receive vitamin ‘A’. He called on all parents and guardians to make all necessary preparations to ensure the full turn out of their children to be vaccinated.


  1. The Viccination of children for polis epidemic must be investigated it is a conspiracy to infest HIV/AIDS intended to depopulate the continent of Africa a secret genocide by the globalist new order such as Ebola in Africa became testing ground for biological weapon for future war fairs .The devastation of human suffering on the continent is by designed which falls on dealth eyes by our leaders on the continent being regressived because of neo-colonalism syndrome, corruptions, greed for needs and power.


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