“900 GBV Cases from January to May Unacceptable”

Lawyers and Judges at the opening of the August 2020 term of court in Nimba

Nimba Judge challenges prosecutors to expedite cases

The increase in gender-based violence cases in Nimba is becoming alarming, with about 900 cases reported between January and May this year, according to Judge Hector Quaiguah of Criminal Court “E” at the 8th Judicial Circuit Court in Sanniquellie.

In his discharge at the opening of the August Term of Court on Monday, August 10, 2020, Judge Quoigoah said it is a challenge and a call on all those concerned to work together to reduce the docket so that those responsible can be punished as the law requires.

“These 900 cases mean that there are 180 cases reported each month, and that is unacceptable,” he said. “This means that we need to work together so that those who commit heinous crimes against minors can be punished,” he added.

Judge Quaiguah urged the prosecution to double their efforts and ensure that those perpetrators are indicted for speedy tried.

The alarming gender-based violence cases have also claimed the attention of the stipendiary magistrates in Nimba, with one of them asking for speedy intervention if necessary from experts or the involvement of the Ministry of Justice.

Judge Nyan Ben said: “The alarming rate of gender-based violence cases requires scientific investigation, which also requires the intervention of the Ministry of Justice or experts.”

Besides the 900 gender-based violence cases, there are about 66 criminal cases, including murder, aggravated assault, terroristic threat, criminal trespasses, among others.

In the same vein, Circuit Judge, Roland F. Dahn, warned lawyers to avoid any unnecessary excuses in the court matters; something he said will be termed as defraud against the lawyer.

“Please forward your cases to court timely and accurately and avoid unnecessary excuses,” he said.

However, the County Attorney, John Miah, said his office is doing its best to dispose of most of the cases on the docket this term of court and also calling on all party litigants or witnesses to come to court for trial.

“We have 18 criminal cases ready for trial and more indictments are expected whenever we get all our witnesses on hand,” he said.


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