‘8 out of 109 Presidential Promises Kept So Far’

President Weah asserted there is still a need to minimize the cost of fuel to enable the LEC provide electricity to the general public at a reasonable cost.

“Democracy is meaningless when a government is not held accountable for its action or inaction,” NAYMOTE report says.

Back in 2017, when President George Weah was seeking office he made a plethora of promises in the vein of transforming the lives of all Liberians, fostering national reconciliation, and weeding out the menace of corruption.

However, nearly half way into his six-year term, most of the President’s  promises remain unfulfilled, with just a few having been implemented. According to NAYMOTE Partners for Democratic Development, a Liberian democratic advancement and a think tank institution, the President, since taking office has yet to fulfill 57% of the promises he made during the campaign and after being elected.

“The WeahMeter tracked and documented 109 promises that cemented the 2017 social contract between the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the Voters. Of these 109 promises, 65 came from the CDC Manifesto of 2017; 27 from campaign speeches, policy statements, presidential priority projects; 3 from the President’s State of the Nation Address (January 2020), 6 from the State of Emergency (SoE); and 8 from the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD) Pillar 4,” Naymote said in its 5th edition report of the WeahMeter Project, which covers the period of January 2018 to June 2020.

It added: “Based on available data and records, 8 promises were completed constituting (7%). These 8 promises include the Payment of the WASSCE fees for all 12th grade students (Public and Private Schools); Renovation of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital; the passage of the Land Rights Law; the reduction of salaries of public officials under the Executive branch of government; and Government Pavement of the Doe Community Road to Clara Town and other feeder roads in Monrovia and Paynesville.

“Others include the construction of New Kru Town fire victims’ homes; the revision and launch of the national school curriculum (Grades 1-12); and the suspension of the pre-shipment inspections (PSI) penalty until otherwise notified.”

In the report, Naymote uncovers that none of the 23 promises made by President Weah’ concerning good governance and transparency have been completed, although 12 are ongoing, and 11 have bet to begin.

Similarly, the President has also completed none of his promises to Liberian people to sustain the peace, though 4 promises are ongoing, with 6 being unkept. But when it comes to the President Promised of giving power to the people, he manages to complete 3 out of 33 promises with 15 ongoing and 15 unkept.

Also on the economy and jobs, President Weah was able to complete 4 of his 37 promises in this category, including reduction of salaries for members of the executive branch of government, the passage of the Land Rights Act, Pavement of the Doe Community Road, and Construction of New Kru Town Fire Victims Homes. However, 15 of these 37 promises are ongoing and 18 have not yet started.

“In addition, 6 promises were tracked and assessed during the State of Emergency that was declared on April 8, 2020. Of the 6 promises, 1 was completed, which is the Government’s immediate suspension of the Pre-Shipment Inspections (PSI) penalty until otherwise notified. One Promise is ongoing which the food distribution, 4 not started or not rated due to the lack of available information,” Naymote report said.

It added that other promises such as the provision of free Electricity and Water were never implemented, as well as the “settlement of loans taken by market women and informal traders from commercial banks and the promise to service Government’s domestic debt was not fulfilled.”

Among the 109 promises made, Naymote report reveals that governance and transparency, which is the fourth pillar of the PAPD, remains the most unkept category of promises. However, the government has attempted to create the impression of keeping its promises through policy statements, which Naymote considers, “is not a response or a good strategy to arrive at an outcome that provides a building block for a fulfilled social contract.

“This pillar is critical for ensuring that the country’s resources are properly managed to support the government’s development programs so that citizens can benefit and share in the dividend of democracy,” Eddie Jarwolo, Naymote Executive Director said in the report. “The lack of transparency in governance creates the environment for the mismanagement of public resources to benefit a fewer group of people rather than addressing the needs of the larger populace.”

The report added that the overwhelming number of votes that President Weah received place an obligation on him to deliver on those things that he promised, especially since it is an essential element in ensuring that “politicians are held to account for promises that they make during the campaign period, but also promises they make when elected.”

“Election Promises made during a political campaign period forms the basis for a Social Contract between the Voters and Aspirants. This contract, wherein candidates promise to perform certain actions in return for the votes of citizens, needs to be respected and adhered to at all times.

“While no President can make good on all promises that are made, President Weah and his CDC-led government are under legal and moral obligation to deliver on their social contract contained in their promises they have made to the Liberian people. Democracy is meaningless when a government is not held accountable for its action or inaction,” the report said.

According to Naymote, the government needs to increase its speed of implementing programs if there will be a genuine and successful fulfillment of promises made in 2017 during the elections and ongoing commitments.

“The tracking shows that, of the promises made, the government has made substantial efforts in the area of infrastructure, mainly roads. Despite this effort, investment in roads has been limited to feeder roads in Monrovia and nearby communities.

“Access to other social services such as education and health remains limited. Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, the economy was in a declining state, with little compliance with fiscal and monetary policies. The impact of COVID19 will further weaken the economy because of low or no production in the agriculture sector,” Naymote said.

The Naymote report added that state institutions are underperforming due to the lack of resources for the implementation of programs, with 80% of the national budget being spent on recurring costs.

“Weak state institutions coupled with high unemployment, inadequate access to social services and lack of respect for the rule of law continue to make the country fragile,” the report said. “Fragility, if not properly managed, can adversely affect the development of a country and exposes it to various forms of shock.”


  1. “8 out of 109 Presidential Promises Kept So Far” ? But look no further than the promises George made to himself to develop his personal properties first above all others. Look no further than that. A self promised well kept, no doubt about that.

    • As the Liberian would say, some people “do well” to give credence some little association (eg. NAYMOTE) impersonating as an institution, or even a think tank when it (NAYMOTE) does not qualify for being an institution nor a think tank. NAYMOTE IS NOT AN INSTITUTION! IT IS A LITTLE PRIVATE ASSOCIATION.

      This little association, yes, may be an organized association aiming to influence the policies and actions of government, BUT THIS IN NO WAY QUALIFIES it (NAYMOTE) as AN INSTITUTION, or even a think tank given the fact it lacks such professionals as pundits, pollsters, or policy wonks!

      Hence, only people who may have enough time to spare may take such a little private association seriously; amid the chronic limitations of such a little private and unknown group incapable of distinguishing reality from perception or priority from urgency, or importance, in its disinformation viz its rants which only teleology is to justify financing from its opposition paymasters keeping it up as a little private association.

      What inter alia proves this is the fact that as far as the facts are concerned, there is absolutely no Liberian President who has inherited such a deteriorated economy and have erected and constructed such urgently national needed priorities throughout the country in just under three years as President Weah. RES IPSA LOQUITOR !

      • ” there is absolutely no Liberian President who has inherited such a deteriorated economy and have erected and have constructed such urgently national priorities throughout the country in just under three years as President Weah “. Mr. True or False Nationalist, you couldn’t had said it any better than James Davis. By looking no further than the personal promises George kept and built for himself for the nation to see. You couldn’t had said it any better while praising George for his personal accomplishments to himself.

        • Constructing, and erecting urgently needed NATIONAL PRIORITIES such as post-modern roads, major hospitals and other health facilities, tuition free colleges and universities, post-modern markets across the country, housing for the poor throughout the country, etc. in just under three years with major trade and investments ready to pour in the country to provide so much jobs across the country, and personal achievements ARE NOT SYNONYMOUS.

          The both are separate, distinct, and different, phenomena. In short, that which is national and that which is personal are two different worlds. If Dr. Weah had inherited a very booming economy or at least an improved economy, as his predecessors it is an indisputable fact that before the end of his twelve years as President of the Republic of Liberia, Liberia would be a sort of “small” America, England, or Scandinavia, in Africa in terms of the living standards of the people and vital social capitals, etc.!

  2. I do not want to be misconstrued when I express my disapprobation about a cheap shot that’s been aimed at Weah. I do not want to be seen as a blind defender of Weah because it profits me nothing to be one. Rather, my DNA makeup should be seen as a gentleman who sets a distorted record or information straight. The record I allude to doesn’t have to be Weah’s record, it can be anyone or my greatest adversary.

    The main Event:
    Naymote claims that Weah has kept or completed 8 out of 109 promises the president made when he campaigned for the presidency.

    Naymote’s claim may be true, but instead of giving Weah a petite credit for the successful completion of eight campaign projects, Naymote gets into the blame game. This is wrong and Naymote should be ashamed of its disengeniousness. First and foremost, Naymote made a charge without taking into account the fact that the Liberian economy was in a free fall when Weah came to power. Secondly, the covid-19 pandemic which happens to be a worldwide issue, is making things difficult for Weah to move on with extraordinary tenacity. Haven’t said all of that, I am not trying in any sense to suggest that the president’s campaign promises should be unkept. Of course not. Personally, I’d like to see progress made in Liberia on all fronts! I am hopeful it will happen irrespective of how the critics say it will not happen.

    Something to know:
    During campaign seasons, politicians of all backgrounds, always tell the voters what the voters “like” to hear. For instance, when Trump campaigned for the presidency, he said his government “would drain the swamp” in the District of Columbia and elsewhere in the country. But so far, almost four years into his presidency, Trump has been unable to drain the swamp as we know it. Conversely, Trump is being drained in the swamp. How? Well so far, at least six of his closest advisers who stood by his side when that bigoted “swamp” statement was made have been caught in a sham.


    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Stay on the topic by using your independent thoughts that ‘8 out of 109 Presidential Promises Kept So Far “. Mr. Moses Sylvester said it even better by pointing to the journalistic freedom signed into law as a major political credit to George as one of the so-called “8”. That is what people who are interested in setting the records straight will do. Simply put, stay local. International is above your understanding. Staying local will do.

    • Hney – Sounds like you have joined the Weah’s propaganda team by distorting the facts on the ground. Look, the truth is, Weah has failed to lead and his economic policies if any has failed. The country is going backwards and that’s a fact. You talk to people on the ground and they will tell you. Also, Liberia has a very bad international reputation according to the new US Ambassador. Why do you think Weah has tried but failed to get a White House visit? He’s not a respected Leader in Africa or elsewhere because his government is nothing but a bunch of crooks and incompetent greedy bastards.

  3. Well, if you don’t think your buddy Trump is not halfway stuck in the dirty swamp with bullfrogs, crocodiles, alligators, crabs and shrimp taking a bite at his balls and torso little by little, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Steve Bannon, a former Trump confidante was nabbed by federal authorities yesterday. To make things politically nasty for Trump, the DNC concluded its convention last night. However before the DNC’s conclusion of its convention, it was announced that 67 top former Republican men and women who faithfully served in various capacities under former Republican presidents are set to endorse VP Biden, not Trump.

    Trump’s ineptitude in terms of dealing with the pandemic is becoming a major political issue for him and the Republican party. Some Republican candidates who are up for re-election are distancing themselves from Trump. Economically, over 50 million Americans have lost their jobs because of Trump’s short-sightedness. Do you think that’s good news for Trump? If that’s what you think and believe, Liberians should be afraid of what is to come “if” Alexander Benedict Cummings is elected to the presidency.

    Bottom line:
    Trump is stuck in the swamp. No joke. I am sorry to temporarily change topics from Naymote vs Weah to Trump. But the truth is being told.

  4. Do you remember the election results between OBAMA and McCain? The gap between Trump and Biden will be wider than that election, watch and see, or take me to the bet.

    True, the swamp is full of bullfrogs, crocodiles, alligators, crabs, snakes etc. at both ends of the aisle. It’s like a common witchcraft coven under different coloration.
    Democrats who hold real conservative views have and continue to join Trump. I leave you with the example of Kim Klacik who will win bigly on the Republican ticket in Baltimore to change the lives of our people there, instead of listening to the hypocrisy during elections of the Democratic Party.
    Republicans who feel squeezed are finding space somewhere else to breathe dusty air. I leave you with Collin Powell (a big failure during the last and upcoming elections), the Bush dynasty except for the grandson, former governor Kasich, etc.

    Bannon, John Bolton, Mad Dog Mattis, etc. all belong to the swamp. They were drained or else the children and women of Venezuela could have been homeless by now, the situation in Syria could have even been worse to the point of threatening world peace, bombs could been reigning on Iran by now, etc.

    Had it not been for the proven leadership of President Trump, the USA could have faced even worse COVID-19 situation than what we see now.
    When he closed the borders on China, Biden called him a racist. He asked Europe to do likewise but they could not listen. Against his will, he had to close his eyes to close borders on Europe before they could even come to themselves.
    Had Europe listened to Trump, the effects of COVID-19 could have been curtailed considerably.
    The videos are still available and can be consulted at any time of what we have said here.

    Many people lost their jobs, true but jobs have started being added gradually. Let’s assume a vaccine is announced today, unemployment rate in the USA will fall to 4% again, believe me.
    Trump, the best guy on the American economy thus far, and the president with the best foreign policy, after Ronald Reagan.

    Trump will win reelection bigly, against sleepy Joe and phony Kamala Harris, a fake and big losing team from onset!

  5. You do a pretty good job in terms of advancing the agenda of Alexander Benedict Cummings. I don’t know how successful you are. But your defense of Trump is riddled with inaccuracies.

    1. Name one conservative Democrat who stands with Trump all the time.

    2. How has Gen. Colin Powell failed? Explain please.

    3. What was the vote margin between McCain and Obama?

    4. Did you say Trump expelled:
    Bannon, Bolton, Michael Cohen, etc from his government?

    So sorry I am with my one of my boys. We are chatting over some issues. Do us (the readers) a favor and respond to the issues I have raised above.

  6. 1. Kim Klacik, Van Drew, etc. I can go on naming at least 30 for you since Trump won the nomination.

    2. Colin Powell threw his weight behind Hilary in the 2016 elections, it was a flop for him, now he’s thrown it behind Joe Biden. As a Republican, why and what does he want? Simply because he stood before the whole world at the UN Security Council to show images of biological weapons armories in Iraq which proved to be the best snake oil ever sold. He’s not behind the bars with his colleagues because he’s an American, but God will put them behind the bars. Trump lambasted him for those crimes and so Trump has become his worst nightmare in his lifetime.

    3. The margin was very wide, can’t you remember? Check the records again.

    4. Trump forced some of them to resign because their perception of his policies, based on which he was elected, was misconstrued by those personalities. Some of them really represented the deep sea in the deep state.

    This may be my last comment on the internal politics of the USA on this blog. I have many problems to tackle back home in my country Liberia.

  7. They say “Old habits die hard”, but in Liberia old habits are immortal. Thus, when a guy from the masses (ghetto of Clara Town) becomes President, though he inherits a comatose economy, one notices sprouting of partisan-motivated organs covertly choreographed and coordinated by Opposition tacticians. For example, NAYMOTE is a support wing of ex-VP Joseph Boakai, little wonder, then, the WeahMeter Project.

    Where was it between 2005 and 2017? A no- show, unsurprisingly. Unbelievably, even a fortnight before the presidential run-off election, when CBL Governor Weeks told journalists that about USD $336 million has been illegally transferred to accounts abroad, neither them nor government’s own integrity institutions gave a hoot. This was clearly unlawful capital flight that should’ve been investigated.

    It brings me to the $64, 000 question, on the economic front, did NAYMOTE carry out analysis of revenue intake and expenditure for budget years 2018, 2019, and 2020 to find out if poverty-reduction promises could’ve been fulfilled? O on the issue of accountability, has NAYMOTE’s members wondered why the UP-led government never signed PUL’s proposal for journalistic freedom which GMW did? The WeahMeter Project is on a partisan misinformation mission: Nonsense!

  8. Again comrade Dolo, the information you gave above is not substantive enough. In some cases, your supplied information is misleading. You did not tell the full truth.

    1. Klacik, Kim lives in a blue state. She is not a lifelong resident of the constituency she wants to represent. Klacik is up against Mr. K. Mfume, a popular African American politician who enjoys the support of the Democratic party. Unlike Mfume, Klacik is a pawn of the Republican party. Finally, Trump is not popular in Baltimore or anywhere in Maryland. Klacik does not stand a chance in the Baltimore area. It is pure fantasy to think that the residents of Baltimore and Prince George’s counties will allow a Trumpian Republican to represent them. Are you kidding?

    2. Van Drew is suffering from a political identity crisis! Drew had to switch because he was a lone Democrat in a heavily conservative constituency. The state of New Jersey always goes for Democratic presidential candidates. So the blue wave will consume Drew like wild fire in November. Contrary to what you said, Drew made the decision to become a turncoat only after Trump was impeached. Don’t put your money on it! Drew is a loner! He is a potential loser. Take my word to the bank.

    3. Powell, Colin endorsed Obama two times in the past. Powell’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton was helpful. The truth to be told is that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a margin of three million. Now, the fact that the endorsee loses a contest does not mean the endorser (Powell) is insignificant. Don’t forget this…..when Powell endorsed Obama, the Obama-Biden team won.

    Questions: Was Powell significant when ihe endorsed Obama? Did Powell become insignificant when he endorsed Hillary Clinton?

    4. Obama vs McCain:
    Once again, the explanation you gave regarding the McCain-Obama contest was misleading at best. What should be understood is that a win is a win! Regardless of the numbers, Obama defeated John McCain.

    5. I will give you and all the readers of my comment a homework assignment:

    Using your computer/phone, google the word Trump. Follow this procedure……..
    Type the word Trump, space, “urban dictionary”. From the date you look up Trump by “urban dictionary”, you will fully understand the meaning of Trump. Finally, Trump did not terminate the high-level employees who resigned from his cabinet. Please stop the spread of false narratives. Rex Tillerson, who was Trump’s initial Secretary of State said openly that Trump was an moron. Tillerson stood by his words a man! As anyone would expect, Tillerson resigned later, but not forced out by Trump.

    You sound like a well positioned insider within the Commings establishment. If not, you’re fed with insider propaganda and that’s why you’re able to tell your readers what should be expected in a Cummings government. That’s okay with me. But in the area of American politics, you always fall short!

  9. Our politics is a tragicomedy. Talkshow host and defeated candidate for a lower house seat Henry Costa cunningly hustled, harangued, and hectored former rebels-turned politicians into establishing a CPP while he runs its military wing styled Council of Patriots (COP). He cooly collecting free cash from gullible fools and financial contributors to the civil war through a gofundme scam. Oh well, most Liberians abroad (including women) would rather help finance instability at home than a development project. Crazies.

    Now, we have an ethnic-cum UP concoction of parked Formula One race car VP Boakai called NAYMOTE masquerading as a think tank. It should do a better job next time. For instance, provide proof by putting the “109 promises” in context, meaning when and where mentioned, and why they could’ve been kept. Granted that citizens ought to hold their government accountable, it should be based on facts, not opinions. The so-called think tank NAYMOTE is a partisan fraud.

  10. Hney

    Simply thoughts opened to discussion:

    In my opinion, if you do not want to be seen as a blind defender of Weah or seen as one who gives tacit approvals for his wrongdoings, then you are participating in the wrong forum, Sir. You might as well bow out because with the exception of the expression of insanity, which is so unfortunately prevalent in the Liberian web fora, people do and shall always widely differ when giving their opinions on political topics and political candidates even if their stances or perceptions of what you said are solidly wrong.

    One factor that plays into this is the “confirmation bias factor”. Some people come into the conversations with their own predilections, and such predilections maybe influenced by religion, intolerance for other people’s ideologies, the political subdivisions from which they hail, intolerance of one’s sexual orientation or gender, tribal bigotry, blind devotion and loyalty for one’s favorite candidate, and so forth.

    These compounding factors often lead to disagreement in common beliefs which in turn ripples into disagreement in the negative attitudes people often demonstrate towards one another.

    For example: let me conjecture an individual says the $25 million mop-up exercise done by the finance minister became a fiasco because he failed to conduct it in a proper, professional, and transparent way.
    Well, that is just one side of the story as another person could say the mop-up exercise failed because corruption also occurred under the Taylor, Doe, and Ellen’s administrations. Now we have a classic case of disagreement in beliefs. So what do we do? In many instances, cases such as these people may lend themselves to consulting expert witnesses and/or digging out the facts and statistics to ascertain the falsehood or veracity of the various premises taken.

    Sadly, events do not always turn out this way especially when they involve politics. Common differences of beliefs often translate themselves into the negative attitudes people show towards one and other. In fact this situation becomes murkier when dangerous propaganda is used. What is propaganda? Propaganda is simply, “an irrational way of gaining acceptance.” It can be used by individuals, organizations, and governments sometimes for the common good or sometimes for the pursuance of some wicked and diabolical goals.
    A cardinal principle states, “Two or more people will always interpret an event in radically different ways.” My personal belief has always been, no matter what other folks say or do, other folks will always harbor their own opinions whether expressly or passively about events, people, or things. An, so, you owe nobody for how you think, why you do the things you do, or believe the way you believe but always keep in mind that politics is not one for the faint-hearted or the abrasive personality.

    Now, am I implying that you should become entrenched minded and not caring about others’ points of views if you are wrong? No, because to suggest that is to say an individual can have a monopoly of knowledge, but nobody is omniscient (all-knowledgeable) besides God. However, always stand by your core principles and values more especially when they are skewed towards the pursuit of justice, true, and fairness.

    • Blamah Zoebohn Price, you have advanced a whole lot of common sense or “good sense”; more especially in your final statement about “the pursuit of justice, true, and fairness.”

      And we, while ready to give you the “thumbs up” and interjecting one being “a fox in order to recognize the traps and (WHEN NECESSARY) a lion in order to frighten the wolves,” as advised by one Florentine diplomat centuries ago, we wonder why you CHOSE to use the word “skewed” and not straightened, aligned, or directed, in your final statement.

      Your response is highly appreciated in these “thoughts” of yours “opened to discussion.”

  11. Mr. Price,
    It may appear to be paradoxical for me to say that I do not want to be seen as a blind defender of George Weah. Well, people may form such opinions because they have a right to think and express themselves. But that’s not the full story. What I want my critics to understand is that I have a right to freely express my views without being called names or insulted because their opinion and mine do not coincide.

    On this forum, there’re some people who operate with two or more names. Some of these people are reluctant to see both sides of an argument. For instance, one may say that there is high unemployment in Liberia because informed decisions were not made by our country’s past presidents. I think that’s a fair statement. But I stand to be condemned because I didn’t bother to mention Weah as the uneducated president who is responsible for high unemployment in Liberia.

    My focal point is that when Weah is wrong he’s wrong. On the other hand, Weah is not always wrong. We are all perfectible. However, those of us who feel obliged to set the record straight about Weah are usually disparaged negatively. It shouldn’t be like that. I personally do not say Weah is right when I know deep in my bones that he is wrong. By saying “I do not defend Weah blindly”, I come forward to blunt criticisms of people who refuse to operate with an open mind.

  12. Comrade Hney,

    I wish you a happy new week and hope you stay safe.

    I promised not to comment on the US politics on this blog again but allow me to put something right. Tillerson was fired or sacked from the job, he did not resign. He was in Niger – Afrca (probably lobbying on behalf of vampire multinationals) on an unauthorized trip when Trump ordered his plan back immediately. He was ushered his dismissal letter when he got back in Washington.

    Mr. Price has an object view and criticism of you. If you like criticisms, he’s your most objective critique, I hope you can read between the lines he’s penned and take note of all he said.
    You have NEVER pointed out any wrong done by Weah. In all his shortcomings, you blame Ellen as you have just done above. How can you attribute current unemployment to past administrations?
    Weah told us those people had failed Liberia, a premise I concur to 200%. And so, he promised us FIXES in every sector. As a destitute, desperate and hopeless child of Liberia, anyone upholding such political slogan will entice me in voting her/him.
    Why then should this same Weah and partisans as well as sympathizers still blame past administrations if they now have the power to transform the lives of Liberians?
    You see, face the facts, for once.

    If Weah doesn’t know what is meant by the word FIX, he should NEVER again imitate people who know what they are saying. Weah tried to speak like Trump during the campaign and inauguration, he’s not and will NEVER be Trump. Trump fairly went to school; he was a very smart student and became a successful businessman after many failures. His vision of an economy is undoubtedly clear with specific policy targets. Unlike Weah who does not even have a Grade 9 WAEC certificate, it’s like a 5-year old climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

    What is the Weah’s administration doing? Copying exactly what Ellen used to do; same budget, same way of running administration, same way of manipulating the justice system, etc. And when questioned, he always retorts by say, “what did the other people do”, whereas he promised us FIXES of the broken system.

    You are among the handful of resourceful human capital of Liberia. What you say or do merit emulation. You are a Liberian leader, people who admire you would evidently strive to talk or do things like you. If you are not objective in your analyses, Liberia will take the wrong trajectory as we are witnessing today.

    Lead and support by virtues to transform Liberia. Our country is in coma in every sector, we need to resuscitate it!

  13. Breaking News!

    Kim Klacik is speaking tonight!
    Like Kellyanne Conway, she may be the new star for the upcoming elections.
    Watch her poll numbers today and after her speech tonight.

  14. Mr. Dolo,
    I wish you and your family the best throughout this week and all weeks to come.

    Let me start from Kim Klacik:
    Klacik is slated to speak at the Republican convention. Usually after a major convention has been held (not in the Ivory Coast or Liberia), political contenders get a bounce. It’s not surprising that your supporter, Miss Klacik, will get the publicity she badly needs, and yes a slight bounce for her in the polls is expected. A one-night exposure helps Klacik, but she is unpopular in the counties of Baltimore and Prince George’s. (Note well… Baltimore is a city, however, the city is located in Baltimore county). Prince George’s county is overwhelmingly African American. PG county is one of the “wealthiest African American” counties in the US. Trust me. PG is very, very blue. Finally, Klacik is not on the radar as a threat! Mon petite frere, Klacik will lose! I am sorry to tell you that, but I know you will handle the bad news as mon petite frere. Okay?

    Again, when Tillerson made the remark that Trump is a moron, he had no intention to continue as a Secretary of State! The reason Tillerson didn’t pack his rags the very day he uttered such a bruising invective is that a replacement could not be ushered in immediately. The position of “Secretary of State” is not like the presidency. For instance, when JFK got shot and killed, it took two hours before Lyndon Johnson got sworn in on the plane. Trust me and know the facts from reliable sources. Tillerson resigned when he made that remark. He stayed on because a replacement was being sought!

    Blamah Price:
    Price has a right to call the shots as he sees fit. Like him, I have similar rights! To say that “I am not a blind defender of Mr. Weah” means I have made a fair statement. I am a Weah sympathizer! I don’t cover up for him when he’s wrong! Never! I think that Weah is wrongly blamed most of the time. Example, there are some critics who blame Weah because of the country’s bad economy. Those critics have a right to express themselves because Weah is the president and more is expected. My counter argument is that Weah inherited a weak economy from his predecessor. Fact! Secondly, I argue the fact that as the world’s 7th poorest country, an overnight economic recovery couldn’t have occurred just two years after he had been inducted into office. Again, by putting up such a defense for Weah, I am not suggesting that he shouldn’t try to infuse high voltage into the economy. I am not saying “laissez fare” Mr. Weah. Sadly, my critics think that about me. That’s where the misunderstanding starts. It is disgusting…it is unfair!

    Price might be a critic. I don’t see him as a critic though. On the other hand, you’ve got critics also….tons of critics who rip you off negatively. The truth of the matter is as a Weah sympathizer, I am open to criticisms. I don’t give a hoot! I cannot and will not be deterred by criticisms. Some people have tried, but I will never be stopped by any critic. I have defenders too. At the same time, I am open to corrections. Are you seeking support from Price? Do you think by saying what you said, I am obliged to kow-tow to comrade Price? Never! I will stand firmly on my solid ground.

    Look my friend (s) I love Liberia just as much as everyone of you. I want to see progress across the board in Liberia. I am always critical of the way in which schools run. I cannot stand the fact that the country’s lawmakers earn so much money while teachers, university professors and medical doctors do not get good pay. Not being fair in terms of take home pay for everyone negatively contributes to the decadence of our country. Example, if a teacher cannot be paid fairly, she or he will not teach well. Fact! Who do you think I blame when I make such a charge? All the past presidents, with the exception of Weah? Think twice! Again and again and again, Weah is not a saint.

    Finally, I totally agree with you when you say we should all work together in order to transform Liberia. I want the very best for Liberia, and nothing less. However in some cases, instead of “working respectfully with one another” in order to transform Liberia, some people “work against” that objective for their own selfish interests. Example, Mr. Costa, the CPP and other fringe groups of agitators sometimes demand the ouster of Weah from the presidency. Doing what they do and saying what they say is a slap in the face of democracy. Their actions do not help in terms of transforming Liberia.

  15. Your assessment to be factual and fair should be comprehensively be made in the last year of his first term and that how it is done professionally. The bench marks will explain themselves. Stop playing this childish game. The game is not over until the end. Let’s be fair in our assessment by listing the “Public Good” We have achieved under this leadership. Peace and Blessings.

  16. The celebration of our flag on August 24 is a tradition. The flag itself is a national symbol. The flag of Liberia has brought and continues to bring financial resources to the country. Very proud because of its ability to bring funds to Liberia. I am not sure if we have tankers of our own, but for sure, hundreds of shipping companies use the flag of Liberia for business. The flag cannot and should be worshipped, it should be respected by those who consider themselves to be patriotic.

    God bless Liberia.

  17. Let me assure you again that no one will ever be drunk enough to think about overthrowing a constitutionally elected government of Liberia, NEVER again in the history of Liberia.
    Do not worry about Mr. Costa, it is the CDC that has given that guy a space in the spotlight. If Weah had ignored the guy, he wouldn’t have been enjoying the popularity and sympathy he receives today.
    What goes around comes around. The CDC and Weah were very outlandish, vocal and sometimes very violent on the Ellen’s administration. Did Ellen pursue Weah to be imprisoned or cornered? No! that’s political maturity! Mr. Costa is a political refugee under ruthless CDC, why?
    Weah was never a fugitive under Ellen despite glaring proofs of him wanting to overthrow a constitutionally recognized government.

    Let Weah begin the FIXES he promised, that’s the least all Liberians yearn for, not hooliganism or gangsterism.

    Teachers can be paid better salaries if and only if we have a creative, proactive and industrious government and not the band of swindlers whose sole objective is to embezzle the meagre revenue generated by government.
    For a company or society to become successful, it must be headed by people of moral probity who set good examples. I will NEVER crack by brain and sweat out my energy to see the fruit of my labor going out to lazy people simply because they are the pioneers’ children, or they belong to or related to the “Hebrew People”. Life doesn’t work like that.

    The United States of America is the greatest nation and will remain the greatest nation on earth because the country upholds these fundamental biblical principles.
    Why will Weah contract a loan of $30 million to feed a handful of Liberians? And the others, do they have food to eat or not?
    Why will Weah contract a loan to build units for a group of Liberians and not all? Has Liberia become a socialist or communist country?
    For all the years Weah played football, why couldn’t he build mansions but houses for himself? Is it the presidency that made him to transform those houses into mansions? Where did he get the money from overnight? Is it sanitary for a single person to dip into the country’s budget to build mansions for him and his family alone?
    The missing billions he was vocal about, where do we stand with the case? Is it because he’s entangled to the neck?

    No man is infallible. It’s true Weah is not a saint but when you condemn and promise FIXES, endeavor to live by your words.
    We do not expect the change we need to come overnight, but we want to see a beginning of it. This change can begin with building capacities (education) of all Liberians.
    How can Weah accept a student who makes a pass in 1/9 subjects to graduate? What can such student study at the university?
    In Liberia, a principal will blast a teacher for failing a student by saying, “You don’t know these students are our clients? If you fail them, how do you expect them to pay or come back next you?”. I am quoting a principal directly, not “they say” but Petarus is confirming something he heard from a principal.
    What change can you bring to such a system?
    Nearly the entire student population of our highest institution of learning is computer illiterate, yet courses will be delivered through e-learning soon, how feasible?

    Our country is not Mali. There will be NO coup in Liberia, but the people may be exasperated, beware!

  18. Petarus Dolo & James Davis

    Your writings often force me to pause and ponder on the direction our country has taken. And thanks, for you have opened my eyes to many of the social evils afflicting our society today.

    You guys are very persistent and tenacious; such qualities are in and of themselves signs that you cannot be easily perturbed or dissuaded from your course.

    Gentlemen, the truth often cuts and hurts like a double-edged sword, but in the same token, society can benefit from it if it listens to those who have the audacity to speak-out and expose the evils like the way both of you do.

  19. Mr. Petarus Dolo…….hardcore apologist of the ANC:
    In an earlier post of yours, you indicated that Kellyanne Conway is a rising star. I was prepared as always to challenge you on the concept of “rising star”. I will respond in kind by asking you a simple question….
    Where is Kellyanne Conway a rising star? In the Trump White House?

    Answer: Conway isn’t rising anywhere. If there’s any rise for her, it’s in her house! For your information, Conway has resigned. That means she’s not rising mon Frere Dolo! To make matters worse for your “unrising star”, Conway’s 15-year old daughter doesn’t like her parents. Guess what? The daughter of Conway wants Alexandra Cortez, a New York Congressman to adopt her. That unexpected move may have motivated Mrs. Conway’s resignation.

    Thank you and have a blessed day young guy.

  20. James,
    If there is a George Weah propaganda machine, I am not aware of it. The very first time I became aware of such a machine was when you mentioned it. The omnipotent God knows where my heart is on this one. I will be profited nothing if I align myself with an organization that destabilizes the good and bad people of Liberia and the moral fabric of our society.

    Second, almost a year ago, it was rumored that Weah had bought a private yatch. I was in Liberia for ninety days last year. I did a fact check about a private yatch that Weah was reported to have had, but strangely, no one could tell where the mysterious yatch could be anchored. The existence of a Weah propaganda machine could be true, but the story behind such a machine could be a false narrative!

    James, I have dealt with you several times in the past. I have told you previously that I support some of the good things you call for. While visiting Liberia, I didn’t like “some” things that I saw. Example, some public schools do not have enough desks and textbooks for students. The city of Monrovia is overcrowded, because of that, there’s a need for garbage collection. Don’t forget about running water! On the “Bypass” I saw bags of garbage. Do you think I support something like that?

    I discovered that there is a body of people who are resentful of a genuine change. There are people who occupy some positions in the government, but who are incapable of functioning at a higher level. But,….but….. let’s not forget. Some of the development issues that exist in Liberia, are issues that were there before you and I came across. Weah did not cause “some” of those problems. Example, the shortage of electrical power has been a lifelong problem in Liberia. Is it fair for Weah to be blamed for the “going and coming” of current everyday?

    I refuse to blame one person (Weah) for the problems of Liberia. It is highly unfair for me to do that. My conscience will not allow me to do that. But I am not giving him a free pass either. I want Weah do the very best. For the “small little things” he does, I think he deserves a petite credit.

    Hang in there!

  21. Messrs True Nationalist and Sylvester G. Moses,

    Please note well. In the book of Acts chapter 10, we are told of a centurion named Cornelius. The gentleman was always a cheerful giver. Cornelius didn’t know he was being observed by God. But God was really, really watching Cornelius’s steps every inch of the way. In fact, Cornelius’s experience is a teachable lesson for all of us. God watches us everyday. He sees from His splendor everything we do.

    Guess what gentlemen?
    I am not God. No surprise, right? I will never act like God. But God does something that I do sometimes. Like Him, I read your comments. I may not agree with all of them, but I admire your comments. You genuine patriots in the real sense of the word.

    Keep trying. I am watching you.

  22. Comrade Hney,

    Let me paste exactly what I wrote:
    “Kim Klacik is speaking tonight!
    Like Kellyanne Conway, she may be the new star for the upcoming elections.
    Watch her poll numbers today and after her speech tonight.”

    The above statement means Kellyanne became a rising star in the last election, thereby meriting a privileged position alongside the president at the White House. Like her, Kim Klacik may be the rising star in this election, probably resulting into her election in Baltimore.

    Kellyanne is leaving the White House at the end of this month simply due to family problem, NOTHING else. As you know, the family is sacred and so it passes before all else.

    In the freest nation (USA) on planet earth, a child may NEVER agree with his father or mother or both. In fact, Kellyanne’s husband is one of the fiercest critiques of Trump. That’s what makes the USA unique. It doesn’t mean in anyway that Kellyanne’s departure is due to any friction between her and Trump.

    Brother Patrick Samolu, it’s a pleasure to read your kind words towards me. Thank you for your encouragement.
    However, I usually don’t perceive such comments as praises, but they rather console me to know that there are Liberians who think like me.
    I am a foreigner in my country, and even in my extended family and among my friends, because of my views. Some friends have even tactically withdrawn from me because of my position and opinion on Liberian politics. They think I am from a strange planet.

    If 20% of Liberians in Liberia could think positively and act creatively towards the development of our country, Liberia would make a stride in national developmental goals. Capitalism, a free-market system where the pursuit of the betterment of one’s life (profit) is the ultimate goal, can only be meaningful with a professional and trained human capital.
    Why should we downplay education and dream to be developed like Paris? Do you think the American or European will come and develop Liberia and then turn it over to us just like that? NO!
    Our new Gbekugbeh has started turning to the Arab nations (Qatar and others) to come and train our human capital, did he look out in the diaspora to see if we do not have qualified Liberians? What cultural values do we want to instate in the new Liberian vision?
    Gbekugbeh wants to develop human capital and endorsing the deliverance of WASCE to students who make a pass in just 1/9 subject, where on earth have you seen a nation develop with a mediocre or foreign workforce?

    Liberia is in coma under CDC and Weah. If we don’t speak out, the entire world will turn its back on our country.

  23. Comrade Dolo,
    You’re wrong. To say that Kellyanne “may be the new rising star” is not the same as she became a rising star in the previous Trump administration. Those are two different things! And because of their unique difference, they don’t mean the same thing bro.

    Why did you decide to write to Samolu and I on the same note? Do you need help in order to fend me off?

  24. (Rire!)
    Grand frère, grand frère, grand frère, arrête la politique d’Autriche !

    I am not wrong; you are refusing to read what I wrote.
    Why fend you off? I don’t need to do that. I only did that because of time and space.
    Anyway, on the night of November 3rd, I will send you a message to remind you of our discussions.
    Beware, I always watch the American elections till all results are in, so beware to receive my text.


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