73 Underprivileged Students Get Relief From Tuition Fees Burden

A partial view of payment of students

At the end of their third period test and first semester exams, 73 underprivileged students between the ages of three and 26 were relieved of their tuition and other school fee obligations by the Hon. Richard N. Koon Scholarship Program in fulfillment of Rep. Koon’s pre-election promises to pay their school fees.

The Hon. Richard N. Koon Scholarship Program was established by Montserrado County District # 11 Representative, Associate Professor Richard N. Koon, who is also the program’s sponsor.

On Thursday, January 18, 2018, a total of L$382,520 was paid to cover 75% of the tuition of 73 students attending 18 private and three public schools in Montserrado County District  #11, including Noah’s Ark, Grace Baptist, Konuwah High, Bishop Tue, Wes Foundation, E.J. Goodridge, Upper Caldwell Public School, among others.

The payment delegation was comprised of Mrs. Angeline Koon, Jallah Acquoilakpa, George Nagbe, Farley Harris and Siaka M. Gettaweh.

A fifth grade female student of the Upper Caldwell Public School, Majay Kromah, labeled Montserrado County District # 11 Representative Richard N. Koon as “caring” for settling their tuition obligations, and has promised to “study to be maintained on the scholarship.”

“On behalf of the 25 students who are on Hon. Koon’s scholarship, l want to thank God first, and him [Rep. Koon] second.”

Majay Kromah, 5th Grader at the Upper Caldwell Public School, thanks Rep. Koon.

In an interview with journalists, Arthur Jimmy, 15, a second grader of the Paveo Daycare elementary school, said: “I am happy and will pray for Hon. Koon to get money to always pay our tuition.”

The school’s principal, Lawrence Faligee, said the payment of the tuition was timely.

For her part, the proprietress of Wes Foundation told the beneficiaries to be “studious and prove themselves worthy of the scholarship.”

Angeline Koon and Jallah Acquoilakpa, Rep. Koon’s wife and political officer respectively, told journalists that the payment of the tuition is intended to honor Rep. Koon’s electoral campaign promises.

Rep. Koon earned a Master’s in Accounting from the Cuttington University Graduate School and is a prospective graduate from the Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, where is reading for another Master’s in Accounting; he is also a CPA candidate – South Dakota State University, USA.

Rep. Koon is a full time accounting instructor at the University of Liberia, and was the only Liberian to have served as a part time instructor in accounting at the College of Business, University of Baltimore, Maryland, USA.


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