72nd FC President Gets Top Post at NHA

Former 72 FC president Tugbeh C. Tugbeh

Mr. Tugbeh C. Tugbeh, the man with an unusual name and former president of Liberia Football Association league club, 72nd Football Club was appointed and confirmed as the deputy managing director of for administration at the National Housing Authority (NHA) and has promised to live to expectation.

And to give himself enough time to do the ‘people’s work’ Mr. Tugbeh, who turned over his club president’s job to lieutenant Urias Goll, will serve as chairman of the board of the club.

Tugbeh’s current position at the NHA, like his boss, Duannah Siryon, (NHA Managing Director) is to develop affordable houses to be constructed by the NHA through a tripartite agreement among the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI), NASSCORP, (National Social Security and Welfare Corporation) and the National Housing Authority (NHA).

The project which was begun in 2012 is part of NHA’s 5,000 affordable housing units and home ownership and mortgage program formulated in 2012 in collaboration with the Housing Sector Working Group. The units now totaled 163 and are named as NASSCORP VILLAGE, located in Brewerville outside Monrovia.

Tugbeh said the 4th phase of the project will begin with support from the Liberian government through the tripartite arrangement with the LBDI and NHA.

He revealed that presently the NHA is also in the process of completing 108 units (54 duplexes) that are meant for ‘sea erosion victims’ from the Township of West Point at their new location in VOA, also near Brewerville, outside Monrovia.

The total amount of the Liberian government’s commitment is US$1.2 million. The government provided US$500,000 that the previous administration started with the process. “We are hoping to secure the balance of US$700,000 to continue to get the job done so that an enabling environment could be found to relocate many of those who are affected by the sea erosion in West Point,” he said.

So far since he assumed his position, Tugbeh has visited two centers including VOA and Marshall. He commended NHA’s employees for their support but noted that among the present challenges, the management will ensure that they are minimized to ensure a smooth working environment.

Mr. Tugbeh, before his appointment to the NHA, worked at the Liberia Football Association as director of its audit unit.


  1. “Naming of houses” as priority? Mr. Siryon efforts would be better spent concentrating on building more affordable housing units first, before thinking about what names to give them in the future. That’s like building a house from the roof down, Mr. Kru Boy. You must be way ahead of everybody with such thinking. What a genius?

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