70 New Houses Marked for Demolition


Over 70 houses along the Somalia Drive that were previously spared from demolition by authorities of the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) are now marked for demolition to create the right-of-way for the construction of the pending two-lane road on that route, Montserrado Electoral District #12 Representative, Richmond Anderson has said.

Representative Anderson told his colleagues at the National Legislature recently in Plenary after he was petitioned by the aggrieved residents that the latest decision of the MOPW over the destruction of their homes is worrisome.

He said the residents argued that their houses were not part of properties previously marked within the 75ft shoulder limit for the road construction.

In his communication to Plenary, Anderson said those houses which fell in the limit for road construction were compensated and removed, “but to their utmost surprise, the government came back and began to mark houses outside of the 75ft again.”

Anderson’s letter was overwhelmingly voted for and sent to the Committee of Public Works for “immediate” investigation, and to advise Plenary.

“If the investigation shows that the over 70 houses are not in the 75ft limit, Plenary has the right to stop the demolition, but if they are in the limit, Plenary would only advise the Ministry to also compensate owners for those houses before demolition,” a road engineer said.


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