7 ‘Trafficked’ Chinese, Malaysian Nationals Rescued in Grand Bassa County


Credible information reaching the Daily Observer says investigators of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) on Thursday, February 27 raided the compound of the Booming Green Logging Company situated in Big Joe Town, Grand Bassa County, where they managed to rescue seven Chinese and Malaysian nationals, including two females, believed to have been trafficked into the country.

The foreign nationals are currently being held at the Fair Ground Police Station in Buchanan, where they explained circumstances leading to their being trafficked by an executive of the company.  The explanation was made to officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP), who interviewed the Chinese and Malaysian nationals.

Their arrest and subsequent rescue were the result of a tip-off from local workers of the company that have complained about being involved with alleged human trafficking, money laundering and corruption by officials of the company.

The source also claimed that when the rescued workers were probed, they admitted that they were trafficked and enslaved by their boss, identified as Jerry Wang, a Chinese-American national.

“We took a statement from the victims and they expressed their unwillingness to return to the Booming Green Company,” the source said.

The source claimed that the victims further alleged that a senior officer of the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS), identified as “Jabateh”, regularly provided them with resident permit on behalf of Wang.

“Wang usually gave our passports to Jabateh who then processed our resident permits,” the source quoted the victims.

Wang was not available for comment. Booming Green Logging Company officials present declined to comment, when approached by the Daily Observer’s Grand Bassa Correspondent, declined to answer any questions.

“The two females among the men reported that they were being constantly used as sex slaves by the executives of the company,” the source claimed.  The source also said passports belonging to them are being held by Jabateh.

The source further said, the General Manager of the company, Mr. Jerry Wang, established an illegal relationship with one Geoffrey Kollie, Unit 112 of the Liberia National Police (LNP) for the purpose of providing protection to the company to shield such surreptitious activities.

The source further claimed that the company, for the past years, has been in the practice of trafficking Malaysian and Chinese nationals into the country and, when they are brought, their traveling documents are seized and the company would use them as laborers with little or no pay.

It is not clear how long the trafficked victims have been in the country. Reports say the victims before being rescued were not allowed to walk out of the company‘s premises without authorization from the company’s executives.

Prior to the discovery and rescue of the trafficked persons, the source said, on Thursday, February 27, officers of the LACC skillfully entered the compound of the Booming Green Company, where they met the victims who appeared terrifying.


  1. I hope they’re checking them for the coronavirus. Liberians are their own problems, why should a police officer help illegal immigrant into the country,

    • These people aren’t illegal immigrants, they are people who have been trafficked. How heartless do you have to be to think they shouldn’t receive help?

  2. all the officers both police and immigration included in this black saga, should be probed, prosecuted and jailed if evidence is found, with their chinese friend Wang. It is a criminal action which should not been tolerate in this century in Liberia.

      • Based on the criminal nature of this case, the POLICE should have taken the victims out immediately. Why is the manager not allowing them to leave? Is that Chinese man more powerful than our laws? If it were the other way around, everyone involved would have been in jail by now. Chinese don’t mess wit their laws but they know we like to lick our hands so they can do anything in our country. SAD!!

  3. Some Liberians are notoriously greedy for women and money! In this particular case, the greed for money is apparent. The truth of the matter is that if money did not “change hands” by a greedy Liberian or a number of greedy Liberians, the apprehended Asian nationals wouldn’t have entered the country in the first place.

    My second argument (which is also money- related), deals with “selling our tropical rain forests” to foreign nationals for little or nothing! Because of greed, Liberia will not be able to build houses with wood in about twenty years, (my own prediction). Greedy Liberians. Money grubbers! They will sell Liberia for money before we know it. The question I often ask is this….if these countries that buy timber are so wealthy and advanced, why can’t they plant trees on their native soil? Should the timber-buying countries’ action be seen as an act of exploitation? Oh, I get it. It’s exploitation and a form of imperialism. But because “some greedy” Liberians are involved, one cannot blame the timber buyers!

    My final argument deals with the criminal justice system of Liberia. The justice system in Liberia is not working right. Again, money plays an important role in Liberia’s criminal justice system. The arrested or rescued 7 Asians will be the “talk” of the town for publicity purposes. But, when the case finally goes to trial, it’s a sure bet that money will influence the outcome of the case. Case closed.

  4. Human trafficking is a serious criminal act as it stands. It gets even worse with an international alarm clock for Corona Virus on! If croaks from foreign countries are masquerading as business men in Liberia, aided by unscrupulous Liberians, to traffic humans into the country, it could be a vehicle through which the dreaded virus could be brought into the country surreptitiously.

    With the economic situation in Liberia so dire, bribing our law enforcement officers could be on the upward surge, putting our national security at risk. And I say it again, as I have said before, the Ebola Virus of 2013-2014 entered Liberia through our porous borders with neighboring countries and caused havoc. Well, that was first fool, a very costly one indeed. Fool me once, shame on you. But fool me twice, I will have no one to blame but my own stupidity!

    The only deterrence for what has transpired in this story is a strong and enforced legal system, a no-nonsense legal system. I do not know what became of the croaked so called Chinese-American “Businessman” who reportedly perpetrated this crime. The story did not state whether he was made to face the full force of the law. Or, is he above the law?


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