7 Ecobank Robbers Guilty


    It took jurors more than three hours on Monday, December 2,   to convict the defendants on armed robbery charges, based on an attempt to rob the bank.

    How four of the seven robbers established contact with Segal Guards that protected Ecobank‘s facility in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, was one of the questions that left the jurors stumped.

    How the four succeeded in getting Segal Guards to allow them (robbers) on the banks’ premises, would remain the “sixty-four thousand dollar question”— that a jury of Criminal Court ‘D’ would take three hours to answer.

    The would-be robbers would soon be arrested by officers of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU)

    When the foreman of the jury read the unanimous guilty verdict on Monday, this week, the defendants’ demeanor

    (appearance, manner) changed. Their lawyers immediately announced an appeal to the Supreme Court.

    Daniel Kanneh and James Philips Toe, along with five others were arrested in November 2012, in Zwedru Grand Gedeh County, while attempting to rob the Ecobank Branch in that County.

    They were later charged with armed-robbery by the state.

      When they (defendants) first appeared in court and the indictment was read to them, they unanimously denied the allegation, thereby joining issues with the state.   

      But, the jury in their verdict maintained: “We all agreed that the evidence was enough,” they said, when each of them, (Juror) was asked by the clerk of court, following their return from their deliberation room.

    It is not clear when the group is to be sentenced, but legal experts informed the Daily Observer that it will be done within a week.


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