7 CDC Zonal Heads Defect to UP

Atty. Miller B. Catakaw giving back to the Muslim Community in Montserrado County District #9

Say they no long support Rep. Youngblood

The incumbent Montserrado County District#9 Representative, Munah E. Pelham Youngblood and her Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), suffered a critical setback when seven of her zonal leaders on Sunday pledged support to the legislative bid of the Unity Party (UP) candidate, Miller B. Catakaw.

The defection by the zonal heads comes just 28 days before the October 10 elections. The zones include Lakpazee, West Point, Bassa Town, the Fanti Town communities, New Matadi Estate, Lakpazee Zoo, and the 20th Street communities, which include Old and New Matadi Estates.

The CDC’s New Matadi Estate leader, Isaac Morris, along with the six other zone leaders, said they are not going to support the re-election bid of Rep. Youngblood “because she has failed to fulfill most of her promises to the district.”

Before making the decision, the zone leaders said they examined the character of all of the candidates in the district, and realized that Catakaw, if elected, is best suited to carry out the district’s developmental agenda.

Announcing their decision last Sunday at a well-attended appreciation and recognition program held at the Bassa Town Community in Monrovia, the zone leaders said,  “We are free thinking CDCians who have sincerely resolved to endorse Catakaw’s representative bid in the October polls. We are proud and prepared for the consequences of this decision,” said Morris who read the endorsement statement.

He said the group’s decision was based on Catakaw’s “outstanding contributions and support to the district” over the past years.

Mr. Catakaw contested the district seat in the 2011, but lost to the incumbent Youngblood.


  1. The thing is just stupid! Some people don’t know what they really want. Jumping from one political party to another, pledging loyalty from one candidate to the other. God save us.


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