62 Judicial Officers Threaten Go Slow Action

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Sixty two judicial security personnel assigned to provide protection for the Justices and the premises of the Temple of Justice are threatening to stage a go-slow protest, if their concern over the management of L$3,000 monthly allowance is not addressed by authorities.
According to one of the workers who asked not to be identified, since April, their chief, Col. Paul Tuazama has “refused to use the money to purchase tea and sugar for them, especially night shift officers.”
He claimed that night shift officers are exposed to cold and harsh weather conditions.
Other concerns, he said include lack of medical aid and not being put on government’s payroll as civil-servants.
Another officer, who also spoke on similar condition, said he was only getting benefits from the judiciary’s budget and not as a civil servant.
He explained that officers are no longer able to afford to purchase tea and sugar from their “little salary.”
“We are being reduced to beggars, because we can’t afford transportation to come to work,” he said.
The 2015 budget saw the allotment of US$19,313,767 to the Judicial Branch of Government by the National legislature.
Out of the money, US$763,279 is allotted for the upkeep of the office of the Chief Justice and US$1,524,625 for the other four Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, combined.
When Col. Tuazama was contacted by the Daily Observer, he admitted receiving the money, but said it was not intended to provide tea and sugar for his officers.
“I was only rendering them a favor, because I have been in the security sector for several years, and I know what it is for security officers working on night shift,” he said.
Col. Tuazama added, “The money is for my office use and not to be divided among anyone, including my security officers.
“And, I know that it is very little to address the challenges facing the group that is made up of 62 members. But, what can I do?
“Do you expect me to distribute L$3,000 among 62 officers? How much do you think each of them will take?”
According to him, only those officers that are assigned with the justices were receiving benefits.
He said: “If you are lucky to be assigned with any of the justices, it is the only way you can receive benefit.
“If they think I am lying, let them go to the court administrator or to the marshal to find out for themselves.”


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