6 Students Injured in Collapsed Classroom

Collapsed school.jpg

Six students of Liberian government operated Soul Clinic Public School (SCPS) in Paynesville yesterday sustained injuries when their classroom collapsed on them.

At about 8:45 a.m. yesterday during the heavy downpour in the area, students in the second grade class felt the school building shake, Vice Principal for Instruction Perry Stevens told the Daily Observer.

“Few minutes later,” he quoted the students as saying, “a big sound came from under their feet and the front side of their classroom broke down.”

He said one of the girls, aged 14, sustained an injury on her right arm and another sustained “serious injury,” but he did not elaborate.

Stevens also told the Daily Observer that Education Minister George Werner and two Ministry of Education officials conveyed the injured students to the ELWA Hospital for treatment.

Minister Werner expressed regret and described the situation as sad and unfortunate.

Mr. Stevens said classes at the school have been suspended, pending direction from the Ministry of Education. Up to late yesterday, there was no information about the students’ injuries from the hospital.

Responding to reactions from the affected students’ parents on the suspension of classes, Stevens appealed to all parties to exercise patience, that due to the heavy downpour, the front of the collapsed building was also flooded.

He meanwhile called on the Ministry of Education to work along with the school’s Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) to acquire additional land to expand the school.

He disclosed that the school is running three sessions and enrolment for the 2016/17 academic year has increased sharply. According to him, each classroom is now constrained to take 50 students.

The additional work on the annex to the school was carried out by the international non-governmental organization, International Relief and Development (IRD).

Some parents interviewed yesterday at the school hoped that efforts will be exerted by the Minister of Education, Principal and staff for the early resumption of classes.


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