6 Ministries to Outline Plans for Implementation


The Cabinet has unanimously mandated six ministries along with other agencies of the government to assess and provide a way forward or general direction for the implementation of the Cabinet Management System (CMS), which was recently proposed during a Special Session of the Cabinet.

The proposed CMS is intended to enhance the Cabinet’s decision-making, promote efficiency in government, enable Cabinet members to collaborate in a borderless community-centric digital workplace, and establish a world-class virtual data center that uses cloud computing technologies to deliver a fully integrated robust and secure Program/Project Management system.

The ministries that have been mandated by that body include, the Ministries of Post & Telecommunications, Finance and Development Planning, Youth & Sports, Education, Defense and State for Presidential Affairs. They are to work closely with the Director General of the Cabinet in ensuring that the vision is actualized.

The Liberia Telecommunications Company (LIBTELCO), according to the Executive Mansion, will examine the necessary technical details in terms of the way forward, as well as provide technical support for the implementation of the system.

A formal report on the system’s implementation will be submitted at a subsequent Cabinet sitting. The Cabinet took the decision recently when they met, in full, in its Special Session.

The Cabinet, at the occasion, also commended the executive director of the Public Procurement and Concession Commission (PPCC), Dorbor Jallah, for what it termed as the level of innovation and vibrancy that would bring efficiency and effectiveness aimed at prompt delivery of government-inspired priority projects.

The Cabinet also mandated Mr. Jallah to review the existing PPCC Laws for possible amendment since some of its provisions run contrary to existing realities in light of the unhindered functions and operations of government.

Mr. Jallah earlier made a presentation intended to update the Cabinet on PPCC initiatives to increase efficiency in government; enhance efficiency in public procurement, increase participation of businesses and companies in public tenders; and facilitate the implementation of the Small Business Act (SBA).

The SBA was legislated to promote the growth of Liberian-owned businesses; formalize the informal sector of the economy; and improve tax compliance and revenue generation.


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