6 Ecobank Robbers Get 4 Years Each

    Two of the six covicted Ecpbnak robbers on their way back to jail .jpg

    Following Criminal Court ‘D’ jury’s unanimous guilty verdict brought down against the six robbers of Ecobank’s Zwedru Branch in Grand Gedeh County, the Court on Friday, January 10, sentenced the men to four years imprisonment each at the Monrovia Central Prison.

    Sentencing the men, Judge Yussif D. Kaba declared that “these six individuals are hereby sentenced to a prison term of four years each.

    With the period already served in pre-trial detention considered as part and parcel of the time for which they are sentenced,” the Criminal Court ‘D’ Judge stated.

    “The clerk of this court is hereby ordered to issue out the necessary commitments of the convicted men to be committed in a common cell of Montserrado County to serve their period of the sentence as provided for by law. It is so ordered,” Judge Kaba instructed, “After that they would be free.”

    Only four of the six convicted men were present in court, when they were sentenced to four years each of prison.

    It was not entirely clear what was responsible for the other two convicted men not being present in court the day of their ruling.

    Although judicial sources hinted to the Daily Observer that the men were absent due to illness.  

    Flanked with their lawyers and their family members who had been with them during the trial, the convicted men were seen in a jubilant mood, following Judge Kaba’s ruling.

    They were heard encouraging their families by saying “lets accept the Judge’s ruling. We’ve only received a short jail sentence. Don’t worry about it.”

    James Philip Toe, Armah Gbah, IK Ogbe, Washington W. Mulbah, Daniel Kannah, Mark Baforee, and Sampson Toe were indicted in Grand Gedeh County in November 2012.

    Legally, the location where an alleged crime is committed is where the accused individual has to face justice. But, that did not happen in the case of the robbers; instead their trial was transferred to Monrovia; apparently stemming from insecurity fears on the part of the accusers as well as the Court.

    They were indicted for allegedly attempting to rob Ecobank’s Branch in Grand Gedeh County, where they broke into the bank’s premises before being arrested by officers of the Emergency Response Unit of the Liberian National Police (LNP).


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