6 Charged In Kakata with Multiple Crimes

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The Kakata Magisterial Court has charged six persons with multiple crimes ranging from criminal conspiracy, theft of property, criminal facilitation to aiding consummation of crime.

Those charged by the court have been identified by a Writ of Arrest as David Massaquoi, Anthony Tamba, Varney Kamara, Smith A. Fofana, Fallah Killa and Junior Harris.

According to the Writ, the six suspects were arrested based on a complaint filed by the Human Safety and Environment Department Manager of the Chinese Company, the China Chongqing International Construction Corporation (CICO), to the Crime Services Department (CSD) of the Liberia National Police (LNP).

Kelvin Clarke, in his complaint, alleged that the defendants on November 24 stole more than 58 pieces of road safety signs valued at US$20,000, erected along the Monrovia-Kakata highway, which they sold to a scrap dealer in Kakata.

Prior to the arrests, officers of the Police CSD discovered the aluminum sheets, which were attached to the road safety signs, at a local blacksmith’s shop in Kakata. It is alleged that coal pots were being made out of the safety signs.

During police preliminary investigations, the defendants allegedly confessed to stealing the road safety signs from in late November and said they sold each of them for L$300.

Meanwhile, the suspects have been detained at the Kakata Central Prison pending trial at the Kakata Magisterial Court.



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