6 Arrested for 17 Year-old Girl’s Death

Mr. Kollie spokesperson of the aggrieved residents addresses a team of reporters.

Following a major protest on Monday, September 17, by residents of Gbartala in Bong County that demanded for justice over the mysterious death of 17-year-old Satta Binda, at least six persons have reportedly been arrested, according to eye-witnesses.

Moses Kollie, spokesman for the protestors, informed journalists that their action was intended to draw the attention of local authorities, to ensure justice for the victim. He said Satta was allegedly killed on September 17. And because it appeared that there was nothing being done about it, the citizens became aggrieved and took to the streets, demanding justice.

Prior to the death of Satta, according to Kollie, a friend, only identified as Josephine, allegedly called her (Satta) on her cellphone repeatedly, but she did not respond.

He said he learned afterward that Josephine, along with three other friends, went to Satta’s house.

“But the morning of the next day we learned that Satta had been killed,” he said.

Kollie said a similar incident occurred a few months ago when another person, a man, was killed, but the authorities did nothing about it. “This is not the first of its kind; we need justice in these kinds of deaths,” he demanded.

Meanwhile, five others, including Josephine, who is believed to be the prime suspect, are in custody.

While undergoing police investigations, Josephine admitted that her uncle, identified as Amos Solunteh, sent her to call Satta, promising to give her US$200, warning her not to tell anyone that Satta was with him during the night of her death.

“He [Amos Solunteh] took Satta to his house, around the commissioner’s compound,” Josephine told the police. A source, who is thought to be Satta’s next door neighbor, said Satta was allegedly raped before she was killed.

Satta was a Sixth grade student at the David Seijue Semi, Junior and Senior High School.

The president of the Bong County Youth Caucus, Jutumoe D. Mulbah, expressed disappointment in the continued and alarming reports from the county, and has demanded that something be done to stop the unnecessary waste of young lives.

Mulbah, however, condemned the protesters for their action, and noted that while it is true that they were drawing attention in order to seek justice for the victim, it was also important to know that it was wrong for them to put roadblocks on the Gbartala-Gbanrga Highway, obstructing the free flow of traffic.


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