59 Procurement Officers Undergo CIPS Level-4 Training

CIPS trainer/facilitator, Paul Muller, in session with participants at the procurement training

The Country Director of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Liberia Dr. Pa Lamin Beyai says the training of mass procurement staff in Liberia is critical to the Country’s development.

He said the training of the procurement practitioners at various levels of CIPS in Liberia is one of the biggest programs that UNDP has invested in Worldwide.

Dr. Beyai was speaking at the start of a two-week back to back Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply Procurement Certificate training (CIPS) supported by UNDP for Procurement Staff from various line Ministries, Agencies as well as UNDP.

“The purpose of this is to create that critical mass of procurement staff for this country… we are very happy as UNDP to know that in the next couple of years, this country will not be short of procurement experts,” he noted.

He said Liberia will be compared favorably with other countries taking into consideration the country’s size and the number of people who have been trained under UNDP/PPCC CIPS training program as professional public procurement practitioners.

Dr. Beyai notes that UNDP remains grateful and committed to this endeavor.

According to a UNDP release, Dr. Beyai said where ever the procurement practitioners may choose to work, the desired goal of ensuring that Liberians are trained to serve the country as capable and qualified Liberian procurement practitioners will be achieved.

“You are ready and willing to serve your Country and Government at the international level. If you work with government, that’s excellent because that’s the first priority – we train for government; if you happen to work for the private sector, it’s still excellent because private sector has a role in this economy. It will enable you make your contribution….If you work for an NGO, that’s still good because it serves Liberia and you can decide to work for yourself as an independent consultant. Where ever you go, you will be seen as a capable Liberian with all the qualifications to dispense his/her duties or assigned responsibilities,” Dr. Beyai said.

He also emphasized that should the trainees see themselves outside of Liberia, they wouldn’t be any other Liberian, but a Liberian who has what it takes to deliver.

PPCC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) James Dorbor Jallah said there are 59 Liberians currently undergoing the CIPS Level 4 training in Grand Bassa County and are expected to be certificated in the first quarters of 2018 at an elaborate program.

“One of the first businesses of the new President in 2018, will be the handing over of your certificates…” Mr. Jallah said.

He said the training of more CIPS certified procurement professional through this program will be at the advantage of not only the trainees, but Liberia as well.

The PPCC Boss said women account for 39% of the CIPS Level 4 trainees while men constitute the remaining 61%.

He stated that 8% of the trainees were selected from duty stations out of Monrovia in support of the government’s decentralization policy.

Mr. Jallah encouraged the trainees to focus and ensure that they all pass successfully and prepare for the graduation next year.

CIPS is the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply based in the UK which aims at qualifying public sector procurement practitioners for certificates in public procurement and subsequent accreditation by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS).

Over 300 Procurement staff have so far benefitted from the CIPS trainings being conducted at different levels (1-4).



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