54 NHA Duplexes to be Ready in March for 65 Families in VOA

One of the six duplexes completed by COSMOS Construction at VOA, outside Monrovia

Deputy Officer in Charge says President Weah promises to deliver keys to beneficiaries

There is light at the end of the tunnel for 65 family heads who were rendered homeless from sea erosion in the Township of West Point, Monrovia, as the Ministry of Finance & Development Planning (MFDP) is expected to complete the final payment for the project to nine Liberian construction firms by March 2019.

Mr. C. Raphael During, deputy Officer in Charge at the National Housing Authority (NHA), told a large body of future beneficiaries at the VOA residence that they would soon enjoy the promise of President George Manneh Weah.

“You can see that 90% of the job is complete,” During told them yesterday. “We are working with Finance Minister Samuel Tweah to get the final payment to the contractors, and they have assured me that if that is done, the project will be completed in March.”

The message came as a huge comfort to the former West Point residents, who said they had no fear when President Weah took over the country, because they knew that he would ensure that they receive his good gesture.

Mr. During (far left) at the end of the meeting yesterday in VOA

“President Weah himself has promised to come to VOA, and when any of you beneficiaries’ names are called, he would deliver the key for your two-room apartment to you,” During said amid cheers.

Mr. During assured representatives of the nine construction firms that their involvement in the construction of the duplexes, despite the challenges, showed their commitment to ensure that “our parents, brothers and sisters who were distressed in West Point are provided with decent habitation.”

Among several heads of construction firms at the program yesterday, including James R. Bernard, head of operations of BOLT LLC. Bernard said despite delays regarding funds for the project, “we are committed to complete the project in March, once the last funds are released.”

Mr. During commended the companies for the cooperation with the NHA and promised that his office is working with MFDP for the release of the funds needed for the completion of the project.

Other units are near completion at VOA

The construction of the 54 duplexes (108 units) was initiated in 2016, during the administration of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, with the completion of the first phase before the presidential elections of 2017.

“Since government is continuity,” admitted Public Relations Manager T. Maxwell Davis, “the new government of President Weah decided to keep the promise made to the 65 family heads that lost their homes to erosion in the Township of West Point.”

Mr. During meanwhile revealed that President Weah has earmarked US$1 million to expand the project so as to accommodate other Liberians who are also affected by the erosion.

NHA Deputy-Officer-in-Charge C. Raphael During (right) and Hon. Soko Wiles, chairman of the Brewerville City Council yesterday

Mr. Soko Wiles, chairman of the Brewerville City Council, commended President George Weah and the NHA for fulfilling their promise to ease the suffering of the 65 families, who are presently housed in zinc shacks and going through many difficulties.

“There are still many others who need to be relocated,” Wiles said. “So, after the 65 family heads are settled, others may follow.”

Erosion, according to the former West Point residents, is the enemy of thousands of Liberian citizens in the community. For many years, previous governments vowed to relocate thousands of West Point residents. But while the current relocation has been welcomed, the process has been slow due to inadequate provision of funds to complete residential units for some of the distressed Liberians.


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