500 Kids to Enjoy Fun Fest Dec. 25


The organizer of the free weekly meals for 150 children on Gurley Street in Monrovia is planning to feed 500 children on December 25.

Mr. Phillip Gibson, administrator of the J. L. Gibson Memorial School, said in an interview yesterday that he is working to also provide gifts for the children.

“It will be a fun fest for the children,” Gibson said, “we intend to make sure that these kids know that we love and care about them.”

Gibson said the occasion of the fun fest will also be used to celebrate more than one year since he began providing free decent meals to children on Gurley Street and beyond, in October 2014.

He said that the idea to provide a decent meal for kids in the community and beyond came when he observed many children aimlessly roaming the streets of the community hungry during the heat of the Ebola outbreak.

“I said I think I can make a difference to fight hunger that I see haunting these children,” Gibson noted. He said he put some resources together and appealed to close friends to contribute to the worthy cause.

Every Saturday since October 2014 has been a period where 100-150 children from Central Monrovia have called on each other to enjoy free meals provided by Mr. Gibson and his friends. Parents and guardians have shown their support for the exercise, Gibson said.

“The whole idea is to identify with these children so that they can avoid mischief and be safe, and to also know that we love and care for them,” he said.

He revealed that he has budgeted U$750-U$1000 to make sure the Fun Fest happens on December 25, and that there is enough food and gifts for the children.

“We want to see the smiles on the faces of these children when they receive their gifts after they would have spent the whole day with each other.”

The program, he said will be held at the auditorium of the J. L. Gibson Memorial School on Gurley Street, Monrovia. To make the Fun Fest the best ever, Gibson said he has written letters to several personalities who care about children, requesting their support.

The weekly program is supported by volunteers, including Gibson, who also dishes out food to the children during the weekly exercise.

The only thing required of the kids is for each to bring his or her plate for the food. Water is provided by Gibson and co.


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