5 Superintendents Underscore Reconciliation

Some of the designated-superintendents at the confirmation hearings

The importance of reconciliation in any given society is to overcome the legacy of violence, division and the challenge of peacebuilding, according to five superintendents who have been designated to take office.

They argued that if reconciliation is achieved in their respective counties, peace and development would be achieved, especially the construction of farm-to-market roads and other infrastructure.

They made their separate but collective remarks during their joint public hearing on Monday, yesterday, in Senate Chambers.

The Superintendents-designate are Lee Nagbe Chea, Sr. of Sinoe County; Janjay Baipkeh of Grand Bassa County; D. Dorr Cooper of Nimba County; Jerry Varney of Margibi County and J. Bismark Kaibiah of Rivercess County.

Separately, Mr. Chea told the Committee on Internal Affairs, that if confirmed he would ensure that unity is restored in the County, including the Sinoe Legislative Caucus. There is reportedly a current state of infighting, involving Senators Joseph Nagbe and J. Milton Teahjay, within the Caucus, while the only ethnic Sarpo, Rep. Matthew Zarzar, is said to have sided with Sen. Nagbe.

“We will hold a series of reconciliation dialogues to bring our people together,” Rep. Chea said. “I am Kru-Sarpo, my father is a Kru and my mother is a Sarpo.”

River Cess Superintendent-designate, Mr. Kaibah, said the lack of reconciliation in the County has hampered development.

“If l am confirmed, l will tackle reconciliation in order for us not to be among the least developed counties again,” Kaibah said.

Grand Bassa County Superintendent-designate, Baikpeh, said the division in the County is because of the electoral process, which must be replaced with peace and development.

“After reconciliation, my priority will be the construction of farm-to-market roads,” he said.

Nimba and Margibi counties’ designates said that reconciliation is clearly a must for the sake of development, unity, and peace.

According to reports, the Senate Committee was expected to submit their names for confirmation by the Senate Plenary on Thursday, March 22.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Senate’s Committee on Internal Affairs, Sen. Gbleh-bo Brown, told the superintendents that, if confirmed, they should build and maintain a cordial relationship with their respective Legislative Caucuses.

Some of the Committee’s members in attendance at the public hearing were Sen. J. Milton Teahjay, Sen. Conmany Wesseh, Sen. Edward Dagoseh and Sen. Francis Paye.

Other Senators included Sen. Jonathan Kaipay, Sen. Oscar Cooper, Sen. Joseph Nagbe and Sen. George Tengbeh.

Internal Affairs Minister Varney Sirleaf and Chief Zanzan Karwor of the National Traditional Council of Liberia were also present at the hearing.


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