5 Single Barrel Guns Seized at Ganta Border

Security blocked camera taking picture of the seized guns

Joint Security assigned at the Ganta Port of Entry near the Liberian/Guinean border in Nimba County on Saturday, March 17, seized about five single barrel shotguns. The guns were reportedly brought into the country on a Guinean-owned vehicle, bearing license plate #RC-5579F.

The driver, Mohammed Sanoe (a Guinean), allegedly concealed the guns in the trunk of the vehicle, placing them inside the spare tire and concealing them with other goods, according to a security insider.

The source said the guns were wrapped in an oily green bag, which was intended to fool Customs examiners that they were part of tools for the vehicle.

“When I told the driver to open the trunk, he was hesitant, pretending as if there was nothing valuable in the bag,” said one of the Customs chief examiners.

The source told reporters that while doing their routine checks, they spotted the guns, all brand new, concealed under the seat as though they were parts of a tools kit.

The guns wrapped up in a bag displaced on the examination table

Shortly after the discovery of the guns, security officers arrested the driver, a resident of D’jéké, which is a nearby Guinean town. The driver was then forwarded to officers of the Liberian National Police (LNP) for interrogation, while the joint security was still in possession of the guns.

The proliferation of small arms, including single barrel shotguns around the Sahel Desert, remains the greatest challenged faced by the regional Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Several workshops have been held in Ganta and other border towns, to stop the movement and manufacturing of these guns. However the exercises are yet to gain the needed results.

The discovery of the guns has sparked another outcry in Ganta, which is close to the Guinean border. Some have praised the joint security’s efforts, while others believe stricter border laws must be used to check commercial vehicles properly .

Following the incident, some security officers were heard saying that if the fellow (Mohammed Sanoe) was to declare the guns and pay taxes, he would have passed Customs without any harm, but concealing the items causes suspicion.


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