5 Jailed over US$19K Theft


Five persons, including a female, who were accused of organizing a criminal syndicate using a missing check belonging to Tabitha Renaissance Group of Companies to withdraw US$19,450 from the International Bank Limited (IB) were yesterday sent to jail at the Monrovia Central Prison.

The incident took place on December 12, 2015 at the Harbel, Margibi County branch of the bank. The defendants were arrested on January 18, 2016, according to court documents.

Melvina Weah, together and her accomplices (Emmanuel Dixon, Walacious Kaba and James Dawolo), are charged with criminal conspiracy and facilitation, forgery and theft of property.

The crimes qualify them for bail.

At yesterday’s hearing, the defendants could not secure bail, which compelled Magistrate Kennedy Peabody to send them to jail until they could post criminal appearance bond.

Court documents further alleged that defendants Walacious Kaba and Leroy Jonson (who is on the run) visited Sophie Community, the Congo Town residence of Melvina Weah, where they informed her that a friend sent them US$10,000 through one of their sisters, identified as Ruth Coker Collins.

It is alleged that the defendants told Weah that Collins was demanding US$6,000 from the money before she could help them to withdraw it from the company’s account.

Defendant Weah, meanwhile agreed to assist her colleagues to facilitate the withdrawal, according to court records.

During the transaction, defendants Johnson, Wilson and Dixon, the court record added, prepared a fake driver’s license bearing the name Benjamin Madison, and an identification card also bearing the name Ruth Coker Collins, believed to be the account holder of the Tabitha Renaissance Group of Companies’ missing check.

After that, the record claimed Weah used the information to retrieve Collins’ Cellcom GSM number, filled in the bank slip and confirmed the payment of the money.


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