4th Nimbaian Enters Presidential Race


Reverend Hananiah Zoe, leader of the Liberia Empowerment and Democracy (LEAD) Party, yesterday announced his presidential ambition for 2017.

In 2005, Hananiah’s LEAD Party – a grass-roots political outfit, was not present in the country to participate in the voters’ registration, and therefore, his name and the name of the party was not placed on the ballot papers.

But Hananiah says he is on a mission this time to, among other things, redeem the country from its present stage of backwardness, to improve education and infrastructural development, etc.

“I am passionate about Liberia, my heartbeats with the rhythm of my country. This is why I want to run for the office of the President of Liberia,” he declared.

If elected, Hananiah says, he will work to reposition and develop Liberia as a model African nation where all, irrespective of status, will have equal access to harness public ideas through community-based modes of influence in creating a coordinated national security strategy.

Hananiah’s declaration brings to 23 the number of candidates who have so far promised to vie for the presidency come 2017.

Others before him, including Charles Walker Brumskine, Dr. J. Mills Jones, George M. Weah, Benoni Urey, Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, etc., have all promised to improve Liberia’s developmental drive.

Hananiah, a son of Nimba County now joins Carlton Boah, Sen. Prince Y. Johnson, Richard Miller, and Jeremiah Whapoe, all Nimbaians, who aspire for the presidency in 2017.

For Hananiah, his mission is to lead a coordinated national security strategy “pivoted around legitimacy, effectiveness, affordability and coherent development; hence creating a vibrant technology-driven national security liaison structure to collate, mine, synthesize and integrate public notions and perceptions on national intelligence gathering and national security communication.

“If elected, our government will strive to achieve affordability, harness public trust towards co-policing, while maximizing international collaboration for institution building and equipping the minds of the people,” he said.

Born in Nimba County, Hananiah Zoe, says he received his primary education through American and British missionary institutions in Liberia.

“My undergraduate university education and graduate education was in the United Liberia Inland Church,” said Hananiah.

He says under his leadership, if elected, his LEAD Party government will mobilize the Liberian people including the industrial class, professionals at home and in the Diaspora, in academia, civil society and the grassroots, towards the review of the economy and the development of a bold national economic vision with simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (SMART) goals across key economic sectors broadly aimed at the making Liberia a middle income country by the year 2025.

By that, he promises to revamp agriculture by providing a proper regulatory and conducive environment for the investment in mining and quarrying, among others.


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