47 yrs. Old Philipino Arrested for Attempted Sodomy


The Women and Children Protection Unit of the Liberia National Police Detail in Ganta is investigating a 47-years old Filipino who attempted sodomizing several young boys in Ganta on February 1, 2021.

The man, only identified as Micheal, on Monday made several attempts to sodomize some young men in Ganta, but at last he was arrested after he tried to forcibly rape a motorcyclist, who blew an alarm that drew police attention.

After days of investigation at the Ganta Police Station, he was charged for ‘attempted sodomy’ and is awaiting court trial at the Ganta Magisterial Court.

He refused to speak to the press, but police quoted him as admitting to the crime, telling the police that it is his habits. He explained to the police that he has sex with both men and women.

On Monday, a motorcyclist told the police that this fellow hired him to take him to the Angel Hill Guest House on the Guinea Road, where he was residing.

According to the cyclist, while in route, the Philipino man began expressing feelings of having sex, but when they got to the Guest House, he invited him (cyclist) in his room and offered him some money, requesting for sex.

“When he was talking about having sex, I thought he wanted a woman. So I told him that I was going to get a girl for him, but surprising when we got to the guest house, he asked me to go with him in the room, telling me to ta a bath so we can have sex,” said one Spencer Zuo, the motorcyclist.

A female security on guard at the guest house confirmed the incident, adding that they heard the boy shouting and they rushed and escaped from the room.

The security said, prior to the coming of Spencer, the man brought two other boys on different occasions the same day, and one of them complained to her that the man did not call him to purchase recharge cards or data as was presented, but to ask for sex.

However, the Liberia Immigration Service is asking the police to turn over the fellow to their office for interrogation, the police had said.

But, the police responded that after their investigation and he is sent to the court, the Immigration can begin from that point.  


    • And why not, Hney? After all, we are simply talking sex here. And the last time we checked, soliciting sex was no crime in Bong County, whether from males or females, especially when the accused did not commit the alleged act. He simply solicited sex! In my layman view, this man would be guilty of commiting a crime, were the fellows he solicited under age, or he laid any of them forceably.

      Here is my point: What if the complainants in this scenario were of similar sexual orientation and had yielded, engaged in whatever the pleasure, got paid and they left without complaining to anyone. Would that have been a crime? I don’t think so.

      The point being, that this incident is being magnified and decried simply because, most Liberians including this writer loathe this particular lifestyle, and see it as an abomination. Otherwise, the man solicited, was rebuffed by those he solicited and so where is the crime?

      I’m just “thinking outside the box,” not by any stretch a subscriber to the detested lifestyle. Just to be clear!

  1. Sometimes we think some neighboring countries are barbaric, but such nonsense will NEVER happen in Cote d’Ivoire or Mali or Guinea.
    There is a first case of attempted rape with an eyewitness, then we allow the second to happen, and then the third. Gooooosssssssssssssh!
    The police will do nothing but to abide by the laws. In Cote d’Ivoire, someone we yell from a distance “Il faut le fabriquer!”, and then they will do your work good for you. That Philipino should have been the one begging or looking for the way to the police station, not the motorcyclist.

    Look guys, next time any of those maniac repeat any of such thing in our county, “Il faut le fabriquer!”

    • I beg to differ, Petarus. Except for the “forceful” part, where the accused allegedly tried to force someone to his lusting. Otherwise, and as I just mentioned in my initial response about this to Hney above, we all may be sentimental and gung-ho about this simply because of our cultural aversion to this kind of lifestyle.

      Just entertain for a second, the prospect of the first girl or lady on an all-boys soccer team in Liberia, as has started happening in other countries. Not the same as the subject under discussion, but just imagine the fallout or outcries surrounding that future reality. Thank you

      • Mr. Gboyo,

        First, our country Liberia was founded on Christian principles, it will remain a nation for Christ.
        Second, our natural African culture and tradition forbid such abominable acts.
        Know that we are talking about Liberia, not the USA. We do not condone this abomination. As a real country boy, if such abomination should occur before my eyes, if one party was forced into it, to the one forcing the other “Il faut le fabriquer!”
        If both consented to this abomination in our society, “Il faut fabriquer les deux!”

        Unfortunately, I will not delve into any other intellectual or socially accepted practices in the USA, I am a country boy who does not compromise some practices in and around me.

  2. Okay, I see your point Gboyo. Anal sex was attempted by the 47-year old Filipino, however, sex did not occur. I don’t know if there are laws against forced sex (rape) in Liberia. Sex should always be consensual.

    Attempted Rape & Rape…
    In the US, there’s a price to pay if a gentleman or lady uses force to perform any kind of sex. That’s because in the US, there are laws against the use of force to perform sex. If the 47-year Filipino had done in America what he did in Liberia, he would have been prosecuted.

    With regard to rape, I don’t know how the law is enforced in Liberia. In other words, I don’t know if the Liberian law against rape has teeth. If you will recall, a Rev. who was accused of rape just this past year, was recently released from detention. The Reverend’s early release didn’t send a powerful message to would-be rapists.

    • I agree, Hney, rape or attempted rape and whether in the US or Liberia, is a crime with requisite consequences. So, yes, if this guy attempted to force his way with any of his “victims,” he is subject to the law appertaining thereto accordingly. That I agree with 100%.

      My initial reaction about this story was a complete knee-jerk one, focusing solely on the overwhelming denunciatory public reaction, whiuch I therefore concluded was culturally driven and xenophobic. I will submit that your above piece cleared that fog. Much obliged.

  3. From my personal opinion, jurisdictions in the United States would interpret this kind of unruly behavior on the part of Michael, the Philipino immigrant, as assault. And this is based on the fact he attempted to rape Spencer Zuo, the bicyclist, but fortunately for Spencer, he, Michael, was unfortunate to gain access to either Spencer’s mouth, penis, or anus.

    Other factors considered, he touched Michael in a non-consensual way, and so the act constitutes assault.


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