43 Ex-Lawmakers Threaten Sit-in Action

Former Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay and other former lawmakers

Forty three former members of the House of Representatives have expressed their growing concerns and impatience over the unwarranted delays of their salaries and benefits and have therefore threatened to stage a sit-in action in the Chambers of the House of Representatives.

A letter to House’s Speaker Bhofal Chambers, under the signatures of former Montserrado District #12 Representative Richmond Anderson, secretary general of the ex-lawmakers and former Grand Kru County District #2 Representative Numene T.H. Bartekwa, Chairman of the group, said the now aggrieved Legislators have given the House a 14-day’s ultimatum to pay their due benefits.

The ultimatum runs from June 19 -20. Of the 73 former lawmakers, who served in the 53rd Legislature from January, 2012 to January, 30, 2018, 30 were re-elected.

Those lawmakers who were defeated at the 2017 polls said their legitimate salaries and benefits that the government promised them were yet to be finally settled as allocated in the 2017/2018 national budget.

According to the former lawmakers, they are constrained to issue yet another reminder because of  “lingering delays occasioned by a seeming nonchalant approach to the settlement of their legitimate entitlements.”

“As former national leaders, we think the attitude of belittling and demeaning those who served the country is unacceptable and ignoble. Indeed, we should all be reminded that one day each of us, whether current or future national leaders, will eventually become former. Hence, it is important to note that a town trap has never been restricted to rat alone,” the letter said.

In their communication the former lawmakers also admonished their colleagues not to treat their concerns with a cold shoulder.

The group expressed optimism that their concerns will be addressed in a timely fashion as reflected in the 2017/2018 National Budget which was later reaffirmed in the recast.

However, the House’s Plenary has unanimously voted for the letter to be forwarded to the leadership for appropriate action.

Meanwhile, news about the former legislators’s threatened action in demand of their benefits have been greeted with scorn by an anxious public preoccupied with rising cost of living concerns. James Whemongar, a university student and part time hawker plying his trade along the Tubman Boulevard says “these people are “saka” or they don’t have shame because all the bastard money which they were eating is now finished so they still want eat”.

For her part, petit trader Yassah Gayduobah says, “but they lie because our ma Jewel say dat our time to eat so let them leave stories”.


  1. let them sit there all day and all night. let the swollen big guts go don, when they jam, they will leave; law makers, these are the parasites draining our country. When poopoo jam them, they will run. The other one in the photo should go sell his big gold bracelet and ring. Look how shiny and fat they are, talking about salaries. greedy vultures.

  2. Lol da really aay Read ” The Liberian Psyche” or “Liberia has but One Problem” … Shamelessly in high places. Former thieves wanna continue their leeching! Just pitiful!

  3. Hey the gravy train came to an abrupt end when you lost your seat. Now you need to figure out how to make a living so stop crying for handouts. These are parasites, not “national leaders” as they falsely believe.

  4. To the 43 Ex-Lawmakers,
    Do you know how many former government employees out there that have been waiting for years to receive their social security, retirement and other benefits? You represented these people and never advocated for them to receive those benefits they are entitled to, but just after few months without a job, you now want to disturb our country. I will advise you (43 Ex-Lawmakers) to go and find jobs or start a business that will help employ Liberians. I assumed most of you have farms because you were given farming vacation, so go and produce for Liberia and stop the threat.

    I am glad you Ex-Lawmakers are experiencing what others have been going through. I hope this becomes a lesson for the current lawmakers. I hope they request the National Social Security Administration to begin disbursing benefits to our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters that worked their butts of for our country. Social security benefits were cut from our salaries so that when we reach our retirement age, we can benefit from those cuts. NOW IS THE TIME.

  5. Do these former legislators know the plight of people in their previous constituencies? We are still joking in Liberia.

  6. I wish we could have a referendum overnight to not only fire these good for nothing embezzling suckers, but lock their asses away for the rest of their sorry lives!


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