42 Orphans Made Homeless Following Fire Incident

Love A Child Orphanage housing building gutted by fire

Following several reports on a series of fire incidents in Monrovia and its environs, another big one has taken place destroying the Love a Child Orphanage which hosts more than 42 orphans.

Love a Child Orphanage is situated on the Roberts Field Highway and it is owned and operated by its Founder, Madam Rebecca Wreh.

Madam Wreh, who spoke to the Daily Observer via telephone on Sunday, January 19, expressed frustration over the mysterious nature of the fire. “The fire destroyed a lot of property that worth several hundred thousand United States Dollars; we take care of orphans and abandoned children,” she said.

Madam Wreh narrated that when the fire began, one of the children called and informed her quickly saying, “fire at the edge of the building and there is a need to get water to put it off.”

According to her, the fire began at about 10 pm in the compound, at which time inhabitants there were still awake.  When asked whether anyone lit a candle or mosquito coil, she said “at no time we have used a candle or a mosquito coil here, because we know that the use of these things at times has a negative impact, especially where there are many children. I don’t understand how. Because no one uses current here, so where will the fire come from,” she wondered.

Thankfully, all children and staff of the Love A Child Orphanage emerged from the fire unharmed.

“Thank God that no one died,” she said, but I am so frustrated because all that I have worked for over the years were destroyed by the fire.”

She, however, remains optimistic that the same God who provided the initial facilities for her to become a blessing to the kids will give more than what she has lost.

Madam Wreh also disclosed that since the incident there have been lots of people coming in with assistance by providing rice, blankets and clothes, among other items.

Partial view of the building got damaged by the fire at the Love A Child Orphanage.

“Most of the help we got came from people from the United States of America,” she said. She further explained that since the tragedy, no police or Fire Service personnel have ever visited the place to establish the cause of the fire or even take a record of what happened.

Appearing so distressed about their ordeal, Madam Wreh called on the government and other philanthropists to come to the aid of the kids as they are currently sleeping in a school building, something she said is not healthy for them.

Meanwhile, Madam Wreh meanwhile thanked those who have identified with the orphanage in their time of need, so far.

“It is in difficult times that one can know who cares,” she noted.


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