4000 More Teachers Needed


Authorities at the Ministry of Education (MOE) have appealed for an additional 4,000 teachers to be assigned across the country.

At the moment, Education Minister George Werner said there are 1.5 million students currently enrolled in schools across the country but that such a huge number requires more teachers.

“In our statistics, there are 60 to about 100 students per teacher,” Minister Werner revealed.

He made the disclosure over the weekend in Ganta, Nimba County, at a program marking the dedication of a hospital and school project founded by Nimba County Electoral District #1 Representative Jeremiah Koung.

According to Werner, more girls are enrolled in primary school as compared to their male counterparts, but as they continue their respective academic journey, these statistics change at the (secondary) junior and senior high levels, where we find more males than females.

Minister Werner therefore stressed the need for more qualified teachers, already prepared for the task of teaching the children.

“We have observed the need for younger Liberians to go to school so that they can be teachers in the future,” Minister Werner noted.

Talking about education in post-conflict Liberia in 2008, Abraham Conneh of Oxfam GB-Liberia office said there were no more than 1,000 schools in operation at the end of the war in 2003: over 50 percent of the schools had been destroyed. The post-war population was then 2.5 million, but that has now increased to 3.5 million following the return of hundreds of thousands of refugees, who had been displaced to neighboring countries. About 1.75 million of the population was also under 15 years-old, with 5-6 percent suffering from various diseases and poverty. The challenges facing post-conflict Liberia are immense, Mr. Conneh said, adding that out of 2,000 teachers, 62 percent had no formal training.

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