40 Inmates Baptized at Kakata Central Prison


By Richard D. Baysah

40 Inmates at the Kakata Central Prison (commonly known as ‘Kakata High’) got baptized on Saturday, October 13, 2018, following weeks of attending baptism classes on the prison compounds.

This was done through the intervention of the Chaplain General of the Bureau of Corrections and Rehabilitation of the Ministry of Justice, Madam Justina Trotman.

Madam Trotman said these inmates, while in jail serving their various sentences, still have the right to worship, be they Christian or Muslim. Therefore, she noted, they received their baptism to accept and follow Christ.

Speaking in an interview with the Liberia News Agency following their baptism, the inmates said giving their lives to Christ despite being convicted criminals does not negate the fact that they should find the path to following the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

They further stated that they were very much delighted and will remain committed to the words of God and adhere to all principles of a true worshiper.

“We will not go back to engage in those things that have separated us from God and our families, which landed us behind bars,” they further stated.

The inmates, most of whom are serving sentences of between three and ten years, were all in a very pensive but joyous mood following their baptism. They promised to never again get involved with anything that will land them behind bars as, after serving their respective prison term, they will be true and committed servants of the Lord Almighty.


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