40 Beneficiaries Urged to Become Foot-soldiers in Ebola Fight

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At least 40 persons who completed a one-day Ebola Awareness Seminar at the St. Paul Bridge Elementary School Thursday, September 25, in Monrovia have been asked to become foot soldiers in the dissemination of preventive information in their communities.

The program was held by the Liberian Women & Children, Welfare, Teenage Mothers and Assistance Program, (LICWETMAP), with support from Health Promotion Montserrado County Ebola Response Team at the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare.

The lead facilitator, J. Leahown Tokpa, assisted by Ms. Flourish Kanue and Ms. Wubue Ford, provided the gathering video presentations of the Ebola virus, its transmission and prevention and dispelled negative information associated with the fight against Ebola.

“We must fight against Ebola infection,” Coordinator Tokpa told the participants, drawn from both Zuma and Zinc Camp communities, near St. Paul Bridge, “because that will ensure that others don’t get infected.”

The interactive discussion allowed the full participations of both men and women, in both questions and answers.

Tokpa said there has been misinformation about the Ebola Virus on its prevention and infection, and urged them to be aware of information sanctioned by the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare and partners.

“Ordinary soap and water are all you need to wash your hands against the Ebola Virus infection,” he said.

He explained that the constant washing of hands is the most effective weapon to defeat the Ebola virus infection.

He urged them to go to their communities with the information they have acquired and become ambassadors of change.

Additionally, facilitator Flourish Kanue gave practical application of the mixer of Chlora and Chlorine in their proper proportion for hands and areas at home.   She said improper mixtures of Chlora and Chlorine could present difficulties in the future.

Meanwhile, LICWETMAP Executive Director Nancy Stewart-Bropleh encouraged the participants to take the information to their various homes in their communities and fight the deadly virus.

She expressed appreciation to their responses as well as to the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare for responding to her organization’s request to help educate representatives of the two communities.


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