4 Recovered COVID-19 Patients Released from Domo Nimene Hospital in Grand Kru County

Four patients (names withheld) at the Domo Nimene Marternal Memorial Hospital in Sasstown, Grand Kru County, have been tested negative for Coronavirus (COVID-19) after the initial positive test, and have therefore been released.
The second test which resulted in negative was ordered after 14 days of isolation and evaluation and further observation.
“As part of the evaluation after 14 days of treatment, a COVID-19 test was ordered and it came out negative,” said E. Blamo Sieh, Administrator of the Domo Nimene Hospital.
The Daily Observer has gathered from nurses who asked not to be named that during the observation and evaluation, the patients exhibited no signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and were not exposed to each other.
 “The negative results of these four patients are highly expected,” the nurses said separately.
However, three other patients are still undergoing treatment at the hospital. Two of the three came in late and their evaluations and observations are still in progress, while the third person’s test is yet to be done.
Mr. Sieh told the Daily Observer via mobile phone that they continue to treat the patients with caution at the Domo Nimene Hospital with the understanding that there is a potential threat of positive case of COVID-19.
“We are conscious of our personal protective equipment as we test and monitor,” Mr. Sieh said.
“With the three patients, we are still continuing to proceed with the utmost caution until every step taken to declare a patient free is completed.”
Since March 2020, about 723 patients have recovered from COVID-19, while there have been 79 reported deaths, out of 1,237 confirmed positive cases of the virus in Liberia.
Researchers around the world are still trying to develop vaccines for the disease that has exposed some weaknesses of health systems of advanced countries.


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