4 Local NGOs Receive US$290K Japanese Grant

Amb. Yoshimura and one of the recipients sign (left)

the Japanese Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects scheme, four local non-governmental organizations have received US$290,170 in grants from the Japanese Government.

while he stands with representatives of the four institutions (right)

The NGOs are Africa 2000 Network Liberia, Kids Educational Engagement Project, Development Education Network-Liberia and Youth Crime Watch of Liberia.

The grant was signed on March 15 between the four NGOs on the one hand and the Government of Japan, represented by Ambassador Kaoru Yoshimura, on the other.

The grant, according to Ambassador Yoshimura, is meant for development projects in four communities, for which he expects recipients to use said grants in the rightful way to make the needed impact.

The breakdown of the grant is as follows: US$80,896 of the grant went to Africa 2000 Network Liberia to construct cassava processing facilities and shallow wells for irrigation in Careysburg, Montserrado County; Kids Educational Engagement Project received US$71,546 for the construction of an educational library and secondary facilities in Sappema; Development Education Network-Liberia got $54,416 to construct a school block at Tellewoyan Public School in Lofa County and conduct a workshop for education stakeholders; US$ 83,312 was given to the Youth Crime Watch of Liberia to construct a professional skills and development academy complex in Sanoyea District, Lofa County and provide a training complex, a hostel block and unspecified equipment.

Meanwhile, Amb. Yoshimura called on grant recipients to be accountable, adding that since the projects are specified and tangible, upon completion, he and a team of his compatriots will visit each site to see what each recipient did with the money.

“Permit me to use this opportunity to encourage staff of each organization and even the entire community to ensure maximum use of this facility, sustaining it for generations ahead,” Yoshimura said.

“As I appreciate the hard work and commitment of all stakeholders who contributed to the success of this initiative, I believe that you all will take good care of these facilities to achieve the objectives for which they are built.”

The ambassador then expressed hope that the four projects will not only contribute to the betterment of the country, but will further maintain the cordial bilateral relationship between Liberia and Japan.

Representatives of the four organizations including Brenda Brewer Moore, John Y. Jukon and Dorothy K. Toomann, said they appreciate the Japanese Government and people for the grant, and pledged to honestly use the money to meet the goals and objectives for which it is intended.

The Japanese grant for the construction of various facilities in parts of Liberia is in consonance with its partnership with Africa under the Tokyo International Conference for African Development (TICAD) that seeks to implement infrastructural projects on the continent to help address such challenges.

The TICAD conference was held in Nairobi, Kenya last year where Japanese Prime Minister Abe announced his country’s intention to partner with African countries to achieve “Quality Africa” in three areas, namely: human resource capacity building, infrastructure and Kaizen. (Kaizen is a Japanese word that connotes “improvement” due to small efforts that add up to a big result.)

To achieve this goal, Japan pledged to dedicate approximately US$10 billion to Africa over the next three years from the day of the conference for building quality infrastructure.

while he stands with representatives of the four institutions (right) under this project has received about US$25 million from the Japanese Government toward the construction of the Mount Coffee hydropower plant.



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