4 Legislative Journalists’ Accreditations Revoked

The House or Representatives Press Office wrote: "We are therefore requesting your institution to send a replacement of Mr. Musa Kenneh.”

The House of Representatives has revoked the media accreditations of four journalists including Mr. Musa Kenneh of Truth FM, who is also the President of the Legislature Press Pool (LEGISPOL).

Mr. Kenneh was elected as President of LEGISPOL in 2017 and his tenure is expected to expire at the end of 2019.

The Lower House, through the Press and Public Affairs Bureau, revoked the media accreditations on Friday, February 19, 2019, barring the four journalists from covering and attending all activities of the House of Representatives, including sessions.

The other revoked media accreditations were those of Mr. Jackson Foyofayiah of Focus Newspaper, Ms. Meme Simoke and Mr. Edward Palmer of Corruption Watch.

The communications to the management of the four media institutions, of which copies are in the possession of the Daily Observer, were signed by Mr. Isaac G. Redd, Director of Press and Public Affairs of the House of Representatives and copies were sent to House Speaker Bhofal Chambers.

“As a matter of improving relationship with media institutions and inviting quality to the output of the coverage to the public, and the Legislature (Honorable House of Representatives), we have adopted a policy to infuse new reporters and remove those who are redundant and have been repetitive in their coverages,” the communications said.

“Madam/Sir, we have identified your reporter as one of those whose accreditation is hereby revoked. We are therefore requesting your institution to send a replacement of Mr. Musa Kenneh,” the letter to Truth FM said.

It further said: “Kindly consider this exercise as a best practice that is intended to enhance aggressive media service of your reportage to the public.”

Mr. Kenneh, when contacted, said he will challenge his revocation because he is not “redundant and never been repetitive in his coverages.”

“The revocation of my media accreditation is because of my critical reportages. And the management of the Renaissance Communication Incorporated and the Press Union of Liberia are expected to handle the issue,” he said.


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