4 Injured, Clouding Sinoe Ramadan Celebrations

4 InjuredFinal.jpg

The celebration of the end of Ramadan in Greenville, Sinoe County nearly turned into a funeral when a bloody motorcycle accident occurred, involving three Muslim children and an adult – a female.
Two motorcycles collided in Panama, Kpanyan District about fifteen minutes ride from Greenville.
A female adult passenger sustained severe injury to her legs while the three Muslim children had relatively minor injuries.
Scores of people from the Muslim Community, especially the women who visited the hospital, were seen with their prayer beads, muttering the name of “Allah” – most certainly thanking God or “Allah” for sparing the lives of the victims.
According to motorbike rider Karnu Jalloh, 15, they were celebrating the end-of-the-Ramadan riding on the bike when the other motorcyclist drove into his bike which had his brother and a friend.
Most of the Muslims were “decently and beautifully dressed.” Families are usually in uniform (dressed alike).
Mr. Mohammed Sow, a member of the Fulah community, said the survival of their children is an indication that “Allah has answered our prayers and we are happy.”
According to medical reports, the three children were discharged, but the driver and the female passenger have been hospitalized and responding to treatment.


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