35 Senior Police Officers, Families Walk Out of Quarantined Barracks

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About 35 senior officers and their families numbering 90 on Friday, September 26, were allowed freely to walk   out of their Police Barracks   residence on Camp Johnson Road, where they had been quarantined for over 21 days by authority of the Liberia National Police (LNP).

They were quarantined after one of their colleagues’ wife, a nurse, died from the deadly Ebola virus.

Speaking at program making de-quarantine of the officers and their families, held at the Barrack, Police Director Col. Chris Massaquoi said they took the decision after the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHWS) advised them that the officers and their families were proved to be negative of the Ebola virus.

“They were monitored on a daily basis by doctors and other Ebola prevention- related institutions. It was the doctors and those institutions who told us that they were negative, after caring for them for over 21days,” Director reiterated.

According to him, when the news broke out about the death of one of his senior officer’s wife, who was a nurse, the police authorities  immediately met and agreed to quarantine  one of the three buildings in the Barracks.

“After we heard about our officer’s wife death, we were forced to quarantine the whole building, so as to monitor every occupant in the house,” Col Massaquoi explained.

“We did this to prevent the spared of the disease in the building, which would have caused the death of more people in it,” he added.

“And it was also to prevent it from spreading among officers of the LNP, who may have gotten into contact with any of them.”

He lauded his officers for what he described as their  “demonstration of a high level of professionalism and discipline” during their quarantined period.

“We want to make this clear  that our officers cooperated with us, when we informed them that they would have been quarantined,” he added,

“They did not resist but agreed to be quarantined. This is a mark of professional  and discipline officers,” Director Massaquoi further stated.

“They understood that we were doing these things for the safety of themselves, their families and the entire police force.”

“It is our responsibilities to protect the lives of our officers, so that they may help combat crime in the country,” he maintained.

“We are concerned about the welfare of our men and their families and we are obliged to protect them.”

According to him, during the quarantined exercise, the government and several other individuals and institutions, including Mrs. Mai Urey, George Kalindo and the United State Embassy provided assistance to the LNP for the upkeep of the men and their families.

“They assisted us with money, food and other basic provisions that were necessary in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus,” he disclosed.

In separate statements, Mr. Kalindo and Mrs. Urey, wife of Benoni, assured the LNP authorities that they are ready to provide any assistance to the force.

Mr. Kalindo provided an amount of US$500 as his personal contribution to the officer who lost his wife.

Responding on behalf of his colleagues, Chief Superintendent Elton Slewon lauded his bosses for the decision to quarantine them and their families.

“They did it for our own good and safety. All we thought was that our friend’s wife had been poisoned. But, it was doing our quarantined that we actually got to know that she died from the deadly Ebola disease,” the police  Superintendent noted.


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