35 Children Raped Monthly in Monrovia


A 2015 recipient of the “Leadership in Overcoming Obstacles to Peace (LOOP) Award” in Denver, Colorado, USA, Madam Rosenna Glayporpay Schaack, has said her organization records about 35 rape cases on a monthly basis in Montserrado County alone.
Madam Schaack, a Liberian professional nurse, said the statistic was recorded by her institution, Touching Humanity in Need of Kindness (THINK) and Save the Children.
THINK is a non-profit organization that is reaching out to help young girls, especially those who have suffered severe psychological, physical and emotional traumas.
The THINK founder, who is a human rights and gender equality advocate, admonished Liberians to condemn the act of rape.
“I want to condemn the increasing incidence of rape and sexual violence perpetrated against women and children,” declared Madam Schaack.
These brutal acts, she said, have caused the death of 15 children in the past two years.
“Victims and survivors are left with serious psychological consequences which will take years to overcome,” she alerted.
Madam Schaack is also recommending a law that will punish people who compromise rape cases (negotiate or reconcile between victim and offender).
“We are advocating for the punishment of anyone who compromises access to justice for victims and survivors.”
She believes that if government is to fast track the prosecution of alleged rapist, it needs to set-up more courts for that purpose.
“Montserrado County has only Criminal Court “E” that is responsible for hearing rape cases,” she said, wondering, “How many cases do you think this court can hear within a month’s time?”
Another delay in hearing rape case, she added, was the lack of a modern forensic center “so that perpetrators of rape can be identified and prosecuted immediately.”
Reacting to the argument that dress code was one of the causes of rape, Madam Schaack retorted, “Dress code is not an excuse for this form of human rights violation. We need to rise up and speak against sexual and gender based violence in the country.”


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