325 Liberian Muslims Leave for Mecca

Some members of the Liberian delegation prepare for the Hajj.

About 325 Liberian Muslims have departed the country for the Islamic Holy City of Mecca, Saudi Arabia for this year’s Hajj Pilgrimage, aimed at fulfilling one of their greatest religious obligations.

The annual pilgrimage brings millions of Muslims from across the world to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Hajj is observed for five days in the last month of the Islamic lunar calendar, and is one of the five pillars of Islam.

Varney Sirleaf, Minister of Internal Affairs and a member of the steering committee of this year’s Hajj, said the Liberian delegation departed the country on Thursday, August 1, 2019 via the Roberts International Airport (RIA) in Margibi County.

“The departure for the Hajj means a lot to the Muslim community, especially sending 325 people from Liberia, who will pray for the country, its leadership’s prosperity, peace and reconciliation, [as well as for] themselves and their families,” Mr. Sirleaf said.

He said that before the Muslims could leave the country, President George Weah paid the transportation and other facilities for 100 of them, while  private citizens contributed to the remaining 225 others.

Sirleaf said there are prospects that the number of Liberian Muslims for the Hajj pilgrimage will increase in the coming years.

“It will interest anyone to note that with this year’s pilgrims, there are more women as compared to previous years,” he said, adding that this is the first time in recent years for Liberia to send over 300 pilgrims.

Mr. Sirleaf said members of the delegation, especially those supported by President Weah through the United Arabia Emirates (UAE), were selected from the various counties.

He added, “Some of the people, who were called to make the pilgrimage did not have passports, and it was late for them to obtain passport from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

He said when the Muslims return, they pray for the country and for President Weah, as well as the country’s peace.

The steering committee this year arranged for a charter flight to take the delegation from Monrovia to Medina. They are expected to return on August 27.

Mr. Sirleaf said the chartered flight is to reduce the 24-hours delay in Casablanca, Morocco, while in transit.

“This is a place you find thousands of Muslims transiting for Mecca, but because we don’t want the Liberian delegation to encounter such delay, the government decided to charter a flight to make the travel easy and comfortable,” he said.

Mr. Sirleaf said before the Pilgrims could depart, the committee hosted a two-day workshop educating the Liberian delegation on the pictorial of the Mosque in Mecca and its many gates so that no member of the Liberian delegation would go missing due to the overcrowded environment during the Hajj.

The Hajj ritual is traced back to the time of the Prophet Abraham by Muslims. It is a “religious obligation” to embark on Hajj at least once in a lifetime of every Muslim, who can afford the cost associated with the trip.


  1. Are they Liberian?
    Is government keeping religion out of politic?
    Liberia has immigration problem like Europe, USA, etc which must be dealt with, else we are in serious trouble?
    Liberian passport is everywhere?

  2. Hahahahahahah, here we go again. Mr. Peter Curran didn’t the head line says, ” LIBERIAN MUSLIM? Did it say Ghanaian, Ivorian or Senegalese Muslims? With the issues of the sales of Liberian Passport, it is our Liberian Officials or Passport officials selling their own Liberian Passports to foreign Nationals. Tell our officials to stop being greedy and corrupt. The beginning of true Nationalism starts with the love of one country and upholding the dignity of that country against all attempted odds. Something that most Liberian do not have in their hearts. Go to Ivory Coast, Ghana or any other country and try buying a passport and see what you will encounter.

    In Sydney, we saw more foreign nationals with Liberian passports. You wonder where they got it from?
    It was not my business to see a Nigerian name Uche Ogonwume with Liberian Passport. Even Me, Mamadu Bah, faced problem to get Liberian Passport in 2002 to leave Liberia. One of our biggest problem in Liberia is RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY. We have to give other chance to practice what ever religion they desire. An Assembly of a particular religious group, should not sent triggering fear in any Liberian. Unless they (the said assembly group) is disturbing public peace.

    With the mass immigration in Europe and the United States. Let’s look at who those Immigrants are: Syrians, Iraqis, Eritreans, etc… What happen in those countries? There were no immigrant flooding to Europe prior to the Syrian war, the Invasion of Iraq or the EPRDF war between Ethiopia and Eritrea war of 2000s. If you know the cause of those wars, please tell me. This question is so EMBARRASSING, however; we need to know, before we write. In my view, we must write to educate other. Not to cause stir among our people. The mass Immigration going to the United States are coming from Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador Guatemala, Mexico and most Central American Nations. Do not let me tell you you what happened there in the 1990s and the early 2000s. Go ahead and do your own research.

    One thing I must tell you, no one wants to leave his homeland and risk high seas and treachery terrains to settle in another man’s land. When your country is invaded and things are uncertain due to other nations hidden agendas, you have no choice.

    There is no flag large enough to cover the shame an unpatriotic or anti-nationalistic person can bring to his nation.

    Please tell our officials to stop selling our passports, and we should stop the RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY .

  3. Wrong move Mr. President; not in your capacity, as President, Republic Of Liberia. When you become a private citizen, you may support whatever religious groups you want. I suggest you seek counsel before you make certain decisions; especially so, when dealing with religious group(s).

  4. The Islamic religion teaches peace, so I strongly believe that, the support of the government to the Muslims in Liberia, is in the vein of reminding the Muslims going for the pilgrimage to remember the Country in their prayers, in terms of upholding peace and security in our territories as well as our neighbors.
    As you know, peace is one of major elements to the growth and development of countries and even you as individual.
    I hope they accomplish their objectives and remain in good health; till they return home safely.

  5. wait a minute ” the government decided to charter a flight to make the travel easy and comfortable,” the broke government who cant pay the judges and the civil servants will charter a flight for the muslims. wow. why cant you use the money to buy fuel for phebe hospital


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