31 Incumbents Return to Capitol

The Capitol, Seat of the Legislature

In the 2017 Presidential and Representative elections, 65 of 73 members of the 53rd Legislature and four Senators out of 30 contested the elections.

Out of the 65 Representatives, 31 were re-elected, and with the dramatic return of Reps. Clarence Massaquoi (Lofa County) and Rep. Larry Younquoi (Nimba County), they comprise 41 percent of the members.

As many as 42 Representatives did not return to the Legislature and eight (8) of the 42 lawmakers did not contest for reelection, which means that only 36 Representatives actually lost the elections.

The incumbents who were re-elected include Reps. Dr. Bhofal Chambers, Rev. Dr. Isaac Roland, Zoe E. Pennoh, Alex C. Grant, Matthew Zarzar, Byron Zahnwea, Mary Karwor, Hans M. Barchue, Ben Fofana, Prince Moye, Edward Karfiah, Jeremiah Koung, Prince Tokpah, Samuel Kogar and Larry Younquoi.

The others are Reps. Francis S. Nyumalin, Julie F. Wiah, Clarence K. Massaquoi, Mariamu Fofana, Alfred Koiwood, Mambu Sonii, Emerson Kamara, Haja F. Siryon, Thomas P. Fallah, Solomon George, Acarous M. Gray, Munah Pelham-Youngblood, Saah Joseph, Abraham V. Corneh and Adolph Lawrence.

Rep. Edwin M. Snowe was re-elected, but not from the same district and county as other incumbents.

For the presidential election, the four Senators who contested were Sen. George M. Weah, Sen. Jewel Howard Taylor, Sen. Prince Y. Johnson and Sen. Oscar Cooper. Sen. Weah and Taylor won the presidential election on the ticket of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

Six years ago, in the 2011 Representative election, 24 out of 64 members of the House of Representatives of the 52nd Legislature were reelected to the 53rd Legislature, which amounted to a 39 percent return rate.

Forty (40) lawmakers were rejected at the polls. There were additional nine (9) seats in the House of Representatives, making it 73 electoral districts, based on the 2010 census.

Also, six years ago, during the 2005 Presidential and Legislative elections, the 52nd Legislature comprised of 64 Representatives and 30 Senators, based on the 1986 population statistics or threshold, which the National Elections Commission (NEC) used to determine the number of seats. They were the first democratically elected Representatives and Senators.

However, for the 1997 Proportional Government, there were nominations of the legislators that made up the 51st Legislature, meaning the Legislature was made up of nominated lawmakers from 1997–2005.


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