30,000 Water Filters for 240,000 Residents in 5 Counties

Excited workers after offloading the filters ffrom the 40-foot container yesterday at the SKD Complex

The Last Well, Public Works’ Collaboration Achieves Positive Result

The recent memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between The Last Well and the Ministry of Public Works produced its first positive fruitage when, through the MPU, 30,000 water filters at a cost of US$277, 600.52 were released from the Freeport of Monrovia yesterday and stored at The Last Well’s facility at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex.

The Last Well is a United States and Liberia-based international Christian humanitarian organization which had a dream ten years ago to provide safe drinking water to Liberian communities by the year 2020.

The Last Well and its partners have completed assessment in five counties: Grand Bassa, Sinoe, Maryland, River Gee, Cape Mount, and River Cess where the filters would be distributed. The distribution will be done with the supervision of The Last Well and the Ministry of Public Works’ representatives.

Mr. Doc Lawson, vice president of operations of The Last Well, told journalists that the arrival of the 30,000 filters would help 240,000 in the five counties to have access to safe drinking water. “I’m glad that once the filters are distributed and the beneficiaries are taught how to use and maintain their filters, no Liberian in those counties would die for drinking dirty water,” Doc Lawson, elated, said.

He said it has been ten years since he returned to Liberia with the single objective of providing access to Liberians in order for them not die because of dirty water, as he has observed in his visits to the leeward counties.

He said The Last Well’s effort to provide safe drinking water to Liberians is meant to assist the Liberian government in its mandate to provide quality drinking water to the Liberian people.

“I am so excited that today, due to our collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works, we were able to get the 40-foot container with the materials intact,” he said.

It may be recalled that The Last Well and the Ministry of Public Works signed an agreement to work together in order to provide safe drinking water to Liberians in the five counties.

“This MoU is significant,” stated Public Works minister Senator Mobutu Vlah Nyepan, after he had tasted dirty water purified by the water filter. “This goes to show that Liberians are blessed for The Last Well to come down to help our people,” he added.

Minister Nyepan warned beneficiaries not to sell their water filters. “Do not sell the water filters, I beg y’all,” he stated. “Make use of it and prevent yourself from getting sick from water-borne diseases.”

According to The Last Well, among the top ten leading causes of death in the world is diarrhea, which is caused largely by a lack of safe drinking water. Diarrhea is estimated to have accounted for 1.5 million deaths in 2012, and The Last Well said while that number has improved from 2.2 million diarrhea deaths from a decade ago, the reality is that these deaths are preventable, with access to clean drinking water and sanitary education.

Hence, it was a challenge from young members of the president of The Last Well, Dr. Todd Phillips, whose church is located in Texas, United States. After several days of research, the young members agreed to use water to make a difference, and all pointed to Liberia as the country that needed clean and safe drinking water.

The Last Well identified Doc Lawson, who was ten years when he left Liberia to travel to the United States and who, it turned out, had a passion to give back to his country.

During the unloading of the filters yesterday at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex, Mr. Lawson could not contain his excitement, as he stated repeatedly, “Now I know that no Liberian in the five counties would die because of drinking dirty water.”

He commended the Liberian government, the Minister of Public Works and the Minister of Youth & Sports for their collaboration to get the filters into the country.




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