30 Women Election Observers Seek Peaceful End to Process

The 30 WSR Observers at the Ganta Concerned Women Center

A women organization under the banner, Women’s Situation Room (WSR), which deployed 30 personnel to observe the conduct of last Tuesday’s electoral process in Nimba County has called for a peaceful end to the process.

Madam Musu Kardamie, WSR executive director, said that the observers were assigned at every polling place in all the districts to ensure that the elections were free, transparent and fair.

“The 30 observers were trained along with other women from Bong and Lofa counties with requisite knowledge of elections concerning the collection of data that includes the number of voters at every center and their ages,” Madam Kardamie said.

Prior to deploying the observers, the women paraded the streets of Ganta carrying peace messages to several other actors including officers of Liberia National Police and the city authorities.

Prior to their deployment, the women paraded carrying peace messages through principle streets of Ganta

They carried placards, some with the inscriptions that read: “With peace, you can make farm, go to school, ride motorbikes and do anything constructive to live.”

Another other read:”Respect yourselves and maintain peace; if you have any problem take it to court.”

Mrs. Betty Sharp, a WSR executive, said that the women’s group is concerned about the peace and tranquility in Liberia.

She said the women want peaceful election and therefore called on all state actors and politicians to respect the rule of law and address their dissatisfactions peacefully.

The group presented their position statement to the police, calling on the officers to be  vigilant during and after the elections.

The police, through one of their deputy commissioners, Randolph Dennis, assured the women that the election atmosphere will be peaceful, adding, “police have been assigned to all the polling places to ensure that there is no violence.”

The WSR is funded by the Angie Brooks International Center.


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