30 Political Parties to Contest in 2017


The certification of Liberia People Democratic Party (LPDP) has raised the number of political parties expected to contest the 2017 elections to 30, Cllr. Jerome G. Korkoya, National Elections Commission (NEC) Chair disclosed.

LPDP was yesterday cleared by NEC to function in Liberia after meeting the requirements as outlined by the electoral laws of the country.

The party predominantly comprises lawmakers, particularly members of the House of Representatives as evidenced by the presence of some of the lawmakers.

The LPDP has been seen as an “institution that takes with it a majority of the members of the ruling Unity Party evidenced by the presence of many UP legislative caucus members who were reportedly involved with its formation.

At the ceremony yesterday, Cllr. Korkoya expressed delight in the existence of the party, adding that its qualification to operate promotes democracy and freedom of association.

He urged leaders of political parties to remain active and engage in positive undertakings with the aim of maintaining peace and stability.

LPDP chairman, Cllr. Henry Gogba, said the party is confident, ‘’because we have come to offer Liberians new hope and the best deal ever for the governance of the country.

“We have noticed that Liberians are anxiously looking forward to a period in their lives when increased gross national product can be visibly seen in their lives, especially rural district dwellers.”

He said the party was registered to articulate the anxiety of Liberians in order to ensure that government creates a balance between urban and rural dwellers.

Cllr. Gogba said the LPDP has also noticed how deeply Liberians have come to appreciate fundamental freedoms especially freedom of speech and freedom of the press, adding that these freedoms will be accompanied with economic freedom as well.

Cllr. Gogba explained that his party has noticed the love for democracy in Liberia and therefore, has come to make it more meaningful to the extent that practically there would be a government for the people, of the people and by the people.

“In this light, we shall push forward to achieve decentralization of powers and some autonomy to the 73 electoral districts. This party has emerged with detailed understanding of the workings of the three branches of government and is fully equipped with the understanding of grass-roots or constituents’ problems,” LPDP chairman asserted.


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