3 W/A Enterprise Staff Charged with US$1.3M Theft


– Appear in Court this week

Three senior managers of the West Africa Enterprise are scheduled to appear before the Criminal Court ‘C’ in Monrovia this week. They have been charged for allegedly stealing about US$1,309,355.36 worth of frozen foods and goods from the entity’s warehouse.

Defendants George Kanaan, operations manager, Ibrahim Joseph Gharib and Michael Dip, both sales managers, are expected to face three counts of theft of property, misapplication of entrusted property and criminal conspiracy.

The defendants have been so far released on bail. They were said to have been arrested on January 31, 2018, by officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) based on their alleged involvement in a scheme, which resulted in the loss of US$1,309,355.36.

The trio were subsequently indicted by the Grand jury for Montserrado County.

The charges against Kanaan, Gharib and Dip were based on two specific dates, January and December 2017 when they were alleged to have designed and developed a criminal scheme against the said entity, where they were successful to have sold the frozen foods and goods, thereby converting the proceeds into their own use.

“The defendants exercised unauthorized control over and converted the company’s money into their own use without the will and consent of the owners and depriving its owner of the use of its properties,” a court records allege.

According to the records, out of the US$1,309,355.36, Kanaan took away US$693,255, while Gharib and Dip reportedly made away with US$381,099.5 and US$235,030.8, respectively.


  1. There are many sides to a story. The three defendants have a story to tell in court. Their side of the story as it pertains to stolen food that carries a street value of over a million bucks. That’s a lot of stolen food.

    The defendants must do a jail time if they’re found guilty.

  2. why jail time what about the 16 billion and you worry about 1million? where is the 25 million? eh mehn why worry about a fly when a lion running after you

  3. after listening to the bbc interview i realized that george weah was a bobo of a president. he knows nothing and he is leading the poor people to their graves. what a damn shame that ellen a rogue passes it to another rogue.


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