3 Killed in Motorbike-Truck Accident

The burning car.

Angry mob sets vehicle ablaze

A tragic accident involving a truck and a motorbike left three persons, including the cyclist, a three-year-old boy and his mother, dead about 5 kilometers from Saclepea in central Nimba County.

According to an eyewitness, the black and red TVS Star motorcycle was transporting the three persons, including the rider, from Tappita, Lower Nimba County to Sanniquellie, the capital when it collided with the truck, killing all on the spot.

The truck, with the service name: “Savo Mother’s Dream,” was heading to the southeastern region with assorted goods, including petroleum products. The driver and the conductor fled the scene for fear of revenge.

After family members and sympathizers removed the bodies from under the truck, an angry mob of mainly motorcyclists set the truck ablaze.

The victims were from Doumpa Town, Electoral District 9. The identities of the  boy and his mother are yet to be established, but the motorcyclist was identified as Abel Wehyee.

The mother and son were said to be heading to a graduation ceremony.

The identity of the truck driver and the conductor are yet to be established as their whereabouts are unknown.

Setting cars ablaze by angry mobs for accident-related deaths is not strange in Nimba County.

At accident scene

In 2009, an angry mob set a government van transporting former Minister Tonolah Vapilah on fire in Ganta. At that time, he was escorting the Bong County team to Grand Kru for a County Meet game.

Also, a truck belonging to ALP standard bearer Benoni Urey was set ablaze after an accident that resulted in the death of a motorcyclist in Ganta.

The Saclepea Police Station was vandalized and set on fire when an UNMIL vehicle collided with a motorcycle, killing the rider and passenger.

Arrests were made for these mob actions.

Meanwhile, armed police were immediately deployed at the scene of the incident, when tension started to build up after the blaze. The police arrested several persons for setting the truck on fire.


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