3 Kidnapped Kids Seek Medical Assistance


Three Liberian children kidnapped by their father Mohammed Fah in Mauritia in 2008 were last week reunited with their mother in Monrovia after Criminal Court “A’ convicted and sentenced him (Fah) to ten years imprisonment. They now seek medical assistance for their various ailments following the hardship they endured while being held in captivity in Mauritania.

Ashata, 17, Ahmadu, 14, and Abdurrahman, 11, were reunited with their mother last week after nearly two years of legal effort to bring them back home.

Mohammed Fah fled with the children to an unknown location in Mauritia after their mother had gone to the Republic of Guinea to bury her father.

Fah was later arrested in Sierra Leone when an international warrant was served on him by authority of that country where he and his family sought refuge during Liberia’s civil crisis.

The Government of Liberia worked along with their Sierra Leonean counterpart during the course of the trial to have the children returned to Liberia.

At a press conference last Friday, Atty. Swaliho Sesay, who represented the family, disclosed that every possible option and resource available was utilized in an effort to bring the case to a safe and successful resolution.

He expressed gratitude to see the children were reunited with their mother.

“As I speak, all of the children are suffering from serious medical problems, and we are seeking assistance from relevant child rights institutions in that direction.”

According to him, since the children arrived in the country, they have been ostracized by family members of their father in Liberia.

“Look, we have spent our personal money to go under serious medical testing at the Earlbert Medical Laboratory and International Polyclinic,” adding “Their mother alone cannot take care of the responsibility, so we are calling on humanitarians to come to her rescue.”

He said tests on the two boys, Ahmadu and Abdurrahman, proved that they were suffering from complicated urine infections. “This is why we are seeking this medical assistance.”

Atty. Sesay disclosed that his law firm was able to work through the Chief Justice, Francis S. Korkpor, the Mauritanian’s Embassy and other international organizations to have the children returned.
Initially, their father vowed to remain in prison and die there instead of bringing the kids back to Liberia to join their mother.

At the press conference, Ashata, burst into tears as she explained their ordeal in Mauritania: “I don’t want to explain about what my brothers and I went through, because it was terrible. We were forced by our father’s family to take care of their cattle.

“We never had the opportunity to go to school. Aside, they attempted forcing me to marry at an early age,” she lamented. Ashata is the only one among her siblings that could understand and speak English.

She then thanked God that they were reunited with their mother, but said that she would still consider Mr. Fah her father, despite the suffering they went through.

She also added her voice to their legal counsel, Atty. Sesay to ask humanitarian organizations to come to their assistance since they were rejected by their father’s family.


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