3 Charged over Missing CRC Manager’s Check


An employee of the Cavalla Rubber Corporation (CRC) accused of conspiring with two others to encash the entity’s two manager’s checks to the tune of US$73,566 was last Wednesday forwarded to the Monrovia City Court for prosecution on charges, including economic sabotage.

Suspect Alexander Gbah was also charged along with two of his alleged accomplices, George Kiadii and Roland Bouyou. But suspect Bouyou has up to Wednesday remained at-large. The two are charged with criminal conspiracy and facilitation, theft of property and forgery.

At the hearing, it was not clear whether the three suspects were sent to the Monrovia Central Prison, because the crimes for which they were charged qualify the accused for bail.

Meanwhile, lawyers were seen at the City Court lobbying to see if they would negotiate with insurance companies to secure a criminal appearance bond for the suspects to prevent them from going to prison while awaiting trial.

The complaint was filed by John Barkemeni, Deputy Director of CRC, according to the police charge sheet.

Police alleged that the two checks entrusted to the care of suspect Gbah were intended to pay for vehicles and to register the company’s equipment into government’s ‘General Revenue Account.’

Rather, Gbah allegedly deposited the checks to another account titled, “General Merchandise Account” at the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI), and cashed them through a clearing process at the International Bank (IB) Limited.

Kiadii and Bouyou, the court record alleged, were owners of the “factitious account,” which they opened claiming to be employees of the Ministry of Transport.

The alleged account number is 002-USD217-806601-01 and titled, “General Merchandise Account,” which they used to deposit the checks at LBDI.

The checks with the amount of US$39,166 and US$34,440, with serial numbers 00025033 and 00025075, dated August 21 and 25, 2016 respectively, were later cleared by the IB bank before the suspects withdrew the money.

When suspect Kiadii was investigated shortly after he was arrested on December 14, 2016, the document alleged that police searched his home and discovered on his person an LBDI checking account deposit’s slip with an account titled “H General Merchandise,” bearing account number: 002-USD217-806601-0, which said slip valued US$8,306, which he had filled in and was about to encash at the IB.

“(Based on a) copy of the bank’s slip as well as the voluntary admission of the suspects we charged them with economic sabotage, criminal conspiracy and facilitation, theft of property and forgery,” the police investigative report said.


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