2754 Barrels of Salmonella Pork Quarantined

From left, Minister Tarpeh along with Inspector Josephine Davis and other lab technicians at National Standards Lab

-MOH, MOCI alarm

Authorities of the Ministry of Health in partnership with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) have quarantined 2754 barrels of pork meat brought in the country, contaminated with salmonella poison.

Salmonella is a food poison caused by eating contaminated food such as duck, chicken, beef, pork, and veal.

According to authorities of the ministry of health, the pork was imported by Cheaitou Brothers Incorporated.

Health Minister, Dr. Wilhemina Jallah made the disclosure yesterday at the press conference at the Commerce Ministry in Monrovia when she emphasized the government’s commitment to protecting its citizens.

Minister Jallah said the information was received on December 13, 2018, through the European Commission because of the level of coordination that continues to exist between the two institutions.

“We received this information and immediately informed the Ministry of Commerce and Industry about the contaminated meat mixed with salmonella poison. The meat was imported from Europe by Cheaitou Brothers,” Minister Jallah said.

According to Minister Jallah, the confiscated meat is currently in possession of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Commerce, lauding workers of the health testing centers across the country.

She emphasized the need for more surveillance, including identifying bilateral threats to Liberia.
“We have been running tests on the meat to confirm the poising. We have to establish the facts and continue to do more testing on the meat in partnership with the commerce ministry,” Minister Jallah said.

“We have quarantined the meat to ensure that they do not appear on the Liberian market. We believe in the safety of the people and will continue to work in the interest of the citizenry. We will release the report of the final testing in 10 days,” Minister Jallah said.

According to her, the ministry of health and commerce will inform the public about the total barrels that entered in Liberia.

“We want to also establish whether the government was able to quarantine all the pork that came into the country. Additionally, we are not saying that all of the pork meat on the Liberian market is contaminated,” Minister Tarpeh.

Minister of Commerce and Industry, Wilson Tarpeh recounted the government’s commitment to getting unwholesome goods from the market.

“We have made some progress in taking some food and others that would have been eaten without any problem. Today, we are now working with the Ministry of Health to do some advance testing at the National Standard Laboratory, which is located within the Ministry of Public Works,” Minister Tarpeh said.

He called on the public not to be intimidated with reports of contaminated meat, indicating that the surveillance team has been activated both at the commerce ministry and the ministry of health.


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