26 Win Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Raffle Draw

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Twenty six persons have won Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated’s second raffle draw. The raffle was intended to fast track processes that would lead to the completion of the Omega Market project in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

The president of the sorority, Madam Candace B. Eastman, said the sisterhood remains committed to the relocation of marketers from the congested Red Light Market to a state-of-the-art marketplace through the raffle draw which is expected to bring in extra funds for the project.

Madam Eastman called on every Liberian to take part in the raffle, which she described as a “history-making initiative,” by purchasing at least a raffle ticket for as low as L$100 at designated places “because every contribution counts.”

“We have decentralized the sale of the ticket points in such a way that everyone is able to have easy access to purchase their tickets,” Madam Eastman noted.

She said that there are 18 places around Monrovia where individuals can purchase tickets, including the ones located at ELWA Junction, Sethi Brothers in Vai Town, AMEU Campus on Camp Johnson, Port Truckers and Broker at the National Port Authority, and Royal Hotel on 14th Street in Sinkor.

Lavele Zazay and Fatu Sheriff, winners of the first and second raffle draws, appreciated the organization for initiating such a project that allowed them to make meaningful contributions to the Omega Market Project.

“I never believed in the raffle draw from the start. But because I wanted to contribute personally to the relocation of marketers from the Red Light area to Omega Market, I decided to take part in the raffle draw as a means of contributing to the process,” Fatu Sheriff said.

She expressed gratitude that her name is now “part of history.” She called on other Liberians to participate by purchasing at least a ticket to be a part of history, too.

For his part, Lavele Zazay appealed to the sorority to extend the raffle draw throughout the country before the final draw is held in December “so as to enable every Liberian to get involved.”

The Omega Market project was initiated in 2008 by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to become a “state-of-the-art” marketplace that would host over 3,000 marketers, but since then, the project has been moving at a snail’s pace.

In 2010, the sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority donated US$500,000 as their initial contribution to fast track the market project, with the vision of expanding the market and developing the Omega Village to include additional amenities such as housing, schools, warehouses, and a transport terminal.


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