25% of Salaries of ‘All Gainfully Employed’ to Fund COVID-19 Relief

(From left) Senators Oscar Cooper, Conmany B. Wesseh, H. Varney Sherman and Prince Y. Johnson

Legislature proposes, plus four months State of Emergency

A draft joint resolution prepared by the Liberian Senate, and under consideration by the Joint Committee of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, is proposing four months State of Emergency, instead of the 21 days already declared by President George Manneh Weah.

The draft resolution (seen by this paper) prepared by the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Judiciary for and on behalf of the Senate, Senator (Cllr) H. Varney Sherman, has observed that the state of emergency declared by President George Weah on April 8, 2020, for three weeks is “obviously very short; almost one-and-one-half (1½) weeks has already lapsed.”

The draft resolution asserted that Chapter IX of the Constitution governing Emergency Power cannot be interpreted, that the President can extend the period thereof anytime he/she wishes.

“The science of COVID-19 is that the incubation period is three (3) to fourteen (14) days and that even during the incubation period, an infected person who might be asymptomatic will be able to spread the COVID-19 disease. The containment and mitigation period for the COVID-19 disease will obviously be longer than the infection period. The State of Emergency is therefore necessary for both the Infection Period and the Containment and Mitigation Period; and that is why, instead of the State of Emergency for three (3) weeks as of the 8th day of April 2020, the State of Emergency for four (4) months as of the 8th day of April 2020 is proposed.”

Special Presidential Advisory Committee on COVID-19

The draft resolution is also requesting the two Houses to approve the establishment by the President of Liberia of a Special Presidential Advisory Committee on COVID-19 (“SPACOC”) headed by the President, which has the ” mandate to coordinate the Republic’s fight against COVID-19, to contain and mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and to explore ways and means to help ease the economic challenges posed by COVID-19 is also hereby approved.”

Further, the 14-page draft document noted that, “The establishment by the President of Liberia of an Executive Committee on Coronavirus (ECOC) as the operational arm of the Special Presidential Advisory Committee on COVID-19 (“SPACOC”), with the mandate to focus on community initiatives and outreach, is also hereby approved.”

Regarding quarantine, the draft Joint Resolution is noting that for the effectiveness of detecting and monitoring infections by the COVID-19 disease, containing its spread throughout Liberia and mitigating its scourge on all citizens and residents of the Republic, “effective retroactively as of 11:59 pm on the 8th day of April 2020 and continuing for a period of forty-five (45) days thereafter, all fifteen (15) counties of the Republic shall be quarantined; Movements between counties, except for Montserrado County and Margibi County, which are hereby quarantined as a single unit, are strictly prohibited”. The draft resolution is agreeing with the President that no person shall be allowed to enter or leave or in any way cross the border of a county into another county except by written permission of the Minister of Justice or the Minister of Health.

“The President of Liberia may, if it becomes necessary for the containment and mitigation of the spread of the COVID-19 disease extend the period of the time of the quarantine for any county or grant dispensation from the quarantine to any county based on the success of the containment and mitigation of the COVID-19 disease in the county for which dispensation is granted,” the Joint Committee proposes.

Senator (Cllr) Sherman’s draft resolution argues that quarantine for only 21 days is too short to detect infected person and to contain and mitigate spread of the COVID-19 disease. “Quarantine period for 45 days is proposed as reasonable.”

Curfew and Stay-Home Order

Retroactively, as of the 8th day of April 2020 and continuing for forty-five (45) days, “there shall be a curfew throughout the length and breadth of the Republic from 5:00 pm each day to 7:00 am the following day. No person, except members of the security apparatus of the Republic and other persons exempted by this Joint Resolution or by order of the President shall be allowed to be outside of his/her home/house during curfew hours.”

Also, for the same period of forty-five (45) days, retroactively as of the 8th day of April 2020, “all commercial places, business houses and entertainment places, and other public venues shall close not later than 3:00 pm each day.”

For the same period of forty-five (45) days, retroactively as the 8th day of April 2020, a Stay-At-Home Order is hereby imposed; during which all persons shall remain within their communities, except for necessary journeys for essential reasons, such as procurement or purchase of food, drugs, hospital visitations and any other necessities approved by the Minister of Justice or the Minister of Health. ”

Establishment of Emergency COVID-19 Relief Fund

(a) An Emergency COVID-19 Relief Fund shall be established at one (1) or two (2) commercial banks to be used to complement Liberian Government’s purchase of necessaries such as food, medicines, face masks and face shields for people who are most vulnerable to the scourge of COVID-19 and to purchase testing kits, personal protection equipment and other protective gears for contact tracers, health workers, and other persons directly in the frontline of fighting the scourge of COVID-19.

(b) The Emergency COVID-19 Relief Fund shall be funded by assessment of twenty-five percent (25%) of the net salaries of all gainfully employed persons (both in the private and public sectors) and to be deposited into the aforesaid account(s) for the period of two months (May and June, 2020). Payment to the Emergency COVID-19 Fund shall be made in the same manner as payroll taxes are collected through the Liberia Revenue Authority as the intermediary; and all moneys collected by the Liberia Revenue Authority shall be deposited into the account(s) established at the commercial bank(s) designated by the Minister of Finance and Development Planning.

(c) The Emergency COVID-19 Relief Fund may also be funded by private donations from individuals, groups of individuals, local and international organizations, foreigners, business enterprises and any other person interested in assisting the most vulnerable populations of the Republic against the scourge of COVID-19.

(d) The Emergency COVID-19 Relief Fund shall be managed by a committee of not less than five (5) eminent persons from the following categories of persons: one (1) person from the foreign business community; one (1) person from the Liberian business community; one (1) person from the inter-religious community; one (1) person from civic society organizations and professional organizations; and one (1) person from political parties. The representative from the Liberian business community shall chair the Committee; and the representative from the inter-religious Committee shall serve as co-chairperson. The President shall seek from each category of persons named herein at least three (3) persons, one of who shall be nominated to the Liberian Senate for confirmation in the same manner as any public official.

(e) Any disbursement from the Emergency COVID-19 Relief Fund shall be approved by a resolution of not less than four (4) members of the Committee and shall be restricted to only purchases of supplies and materials for the most vulnerable populations.


  1. What a major upside down proposition? When citizens are already distressed by an anomaly as this coronavirus pandemic, the remedy cannot by any means be more salt to that agony as with this halfbaked proposal. Citizens under such life and death situation are looking for relief, not further distress. A proposal to alleviate that plight should therefore be arming them with the requisite necessities such as reduction in the prices of basic food stuffs, cost of transportation, electricity, water, medications, etc., to combat the prevailing crisis. This proposal should be calling for the GOL and all private sector employers in the country, to pay their employees at least 2-3 months wages in advance and not adding another 25% to their distress.

    In the first place, 25% of what, zero? Also, the proposal to extend the state of emergency for four 4 months seems self-serving for the proponents and cohorts than any objective assessment of the situation. While 3 weeks maybe unrealistic as noted in this proposal, 4 months too, is overly ambitious. Whether this pandemic will span one month or four months before abating should not be based in guess work, rather it should be dictated by the circumstances itself, as assessed or advised by the oversight authority. If, for example, the rate of infection from this virus continues to rise beyond a one month time of abatement, the timeframe can always be adjusted accordingly.

    Also granted most Liberians are unemployed and therefore lack the capacity to garner food stuffs for more than a day or two at a time, what is the justification for the 10-hour grace period (8 hours actually considering time to and from destination)? If citizens will use the grace period essentially for fetching basic necessities, it presupposes that such necessities will be fetched principally in one’s neighborhood, not from one end of town to the other. After all, all businesses supposed to be closed except those selling food stuffs, medicines and the like. So why would anyone need whole 10 hours just to run to the nearest market/store to buy basic items?

    The stipulation does not have to be draconian by any means, but the laxity with which it is implemented could undermine the goal of the very lockdown or stay-at home regulation for which it was intended-to curtail the spread of this virus by potential carriers. In other words, could 7am-5pm be considered the latent period in which the virus will be dormant, so that citizens can mingle together without the possibility of one infecting the other?

    If we are truly serious and concerned about minimizing the rate of infection of this virus from one person to the other, minimizing the contacts between citizens should be a good starting point, not facilitating those contacts. A 2-3-hour grace period should therefore suffice under these extreme circumstances and no more. That’s the meaning of Emergency!

  2. Draconian measures are the result of the genetics characteristics found in the social and political culture environment of the DNA in the political leadership of that country’s body politics. And perhaps, in the very ways for them to do normal things, draconian measures have to be applied. It is socially, politically and culturally in them. No way out. The economy is in a lockdown and unable to grow, and they are still requesting 25 percent of all earnings be taken out of the economy ? Wow ! What a country ? What a country ? Now You See ?

    • Any idea to cut whatever percent of the salaries of ordinary employees of government, the private sector, or the Third Sector, is heinous unreasonableness mixed with total cruelty inflicted on the poor!

      Greater is expected from those who receive more! Hence the cut should affect legislators, judges of the Supreme Court, senior managers of private corporations, and All cabinet ministers, deputy and assistant cabinet ministers, ambassadors,ministers and consuls, superintendents of counties and other government officials, both military and civilian, appointed by the President.

      The huge contributions and fundings from state and other international actors as the US, EU, IMF, WORLD BANK, ETC, AND OTHER PRIVATE COMPANIES should be seen as any cut that should have come from the poor! Greater is expected from those who receive more!

  3. Mr. Peter Gboyo,

    This proposal by the Legislature is not really bad. Like you rightly state, no one knows how or when this pandemic will be over. The advanced countries are still struggling to find solutions. So, a four month proposal is not unreasonable, in my opinion.

    Some parts of the proposal needs to be reconsider, obviously, like the 25% deduction and the lockdown of the whole country. Amendments can be made as the country progresses in that direction. Social distancing or physical distancing needs to be encouraged.

    The police also needs to deal with us the citizens in a more reasonable manner. I witnessed last evening the police harassing a young gentleman because he was sitting on his porch around 8pm. On his porch, mind you.

    In my area, the City police are patrolling, their intentions unknown,perhaps hoping to catch would-be law breakers. I did not know that they were part of the Joint security operations carrying out this exercise.

    We plan to meet IG Sudue to explain our concerns to him so he can provide some clarity on the matter.

    For this pandemic to go away, we have to work collectively.


    • This proposal as rightly critiqued by Mr Peter Gboyo, is extremely terrible and shouldn’t be approved.
      Why proposed a 25 percent salaries cut from salaries that can’t basically meet up with employees needs? Aren’t there any other way government can raise money to fight this virus?
      On what basis do they need 45 days of lockdowns, should the virus go before 45 days are they supposed to still be lockdown? How do they think this virus spreads, if you will allow the public to interact at sometime of the day without a proper measure in place to contain the spread but lock them down by 3:00pm. So many on solve issues in this proposal, I guess they didn’t consult any relevant expert on infection before coming out with this upside down proposal.

  4. This draft proposal from the senate is completed against the low income employees in the context of 25% deduction from their salaries for two months (May and June 2020).

    Why should the private sector employees be included in the 25% salaries deduction? Other Countries senior government officers are willingly giving one or two months of their salaries to government to fight the Corona virus which I thought the senate could proposed the same but rather asking for salaried cut from both private and public sectors to help combat the virus. Let the senate please review this proposal again..

  5. Damn! Am really speechless about this futile policy proposed by Cllr. Varney Sherman. So no way these guys can even touch the idle funds intended for international and domestic travels, and other budgetary lines that are NOT being utilized during this period?

    No specific category of gainful employees. Everyone that is gainfully employed, whether you make 125 or 5000, you should pay?
    This will surly bounce back at them. Let’s wait and see.

  6. All Hands on Deck

    Well, fellow countrymen, one thing I do know is there’s no neutral person on a RUN AWAY TRIAN. If it wrecks, those who claim to be neutral, may be amongst the first casualties. The only thing I have with this 25% cut is it should be done according to income. Those making more pay little more than those making less, so-forth.

    If the virus is fought , and eradicated, every Liberian wins, but if the virus wins( which I m not hoping it does), we all loss. If one Liberian is infected, he /she can infect your son, brother, daughter, etc. Let’s do away with the criticism for now and focus on how we can fight this invincible guy, and get him off the back of humanity.

    This is a runaway train that is carrying humanity, no one knows how far it will continue running before it comes to a stop. Better yet, or if it wrecks; before we count casualties. Let everybody keeps hands on deck to help slow the train.

    Mamadu S. Bah ….Nurse Practitioner ( Meridian Health)

  7. Too draconian measures for a too long period are detrimental to development and could be useless in the fight against corona. All governments in the world take it step by step. Carefully weighing pro’s and con’s at every step to apply the right amount of remedie at the right time. Only Liberia is taking this enormous leap. Overreaction after the experience of Ebola: this is a different virus and has to be judged at its own level.

    Also people working in the health force, nurses, doctors, auxiliary staff should be exempted from the pay cut.

  8. 25% Salary Cut for any gainfully employed? Wow! At this time, you want to cut the already suffering employees’ salaries? Why couldn’t you propose some shifting in budget lines to accommodate more urgent and important things? Sad time for us all!

  9. So this proposal is from who??????????? the Sherman committee?????????, Liberia, Liberia, Liberia, Liberia, Grand Cape Mount County, how many times have I called

  10. Cllr. Sherman, please revisit the budget lines of the 2020/2021 National Budget attentively, disengaged some nonessential components of those WASTEFUL SPENDING, and reassigned same to the effective funding of the Convic-19 stimulus effort rather than the unscrupulously proposed 25% salaries slaughtering of the already suffering masses.

  11. There is a colossal slump in the economy. Production levels have dropped and incomes have fallen sharply. As a result, many businesses may not afford to pay their employees up to 100% of their pre-Cocvid -19 salaries. Some businesses have already started negotiating with their employees to accept temporary paycuts. Yet still, some businesses may layoff some of their employees if the economy doesn’t improve in the coming months. In the midst of this situation comes a proposal for a legislative action to cut by 25% the salaries of all employees (private and public sectors) for two months. This is demanding too much of the Liberian taxpayers. I think this proposal is ill-advised. Our legislators need to think hard and look for other sources to fund the proposed state-of-emergency package.

  12. These guys are bunch of idiots. This is dumbest, most draconian and brainless proposal I’ve ever read!!! The well-being of the POOR people MUST be at the forefront. The issue of physical abuses of curfew violators by lawless security apparatus also need to be addressed.

    There’s is absolutely NO consideration for the already SUFFERING citizenry who can barely afford the basic necessities!!!!!!

    This so—called task needs to include a diverse background and opinions such as market women, student leaders and community activists.

  13. A food attempt only that it did not addressed some concerns.
    1. Frontline fighters: The should set aside for all health care workers as insurance for their works against this disease, this will be considered as incentives. Details could be work out;
    2. All medicines and related supplies, such as PPEs, face masks and shields be treated separately under a sub-heading in the resolution for priority considerations;
    3. Allocation of 25M: That money should not be given to any committee to be expanded, it should be managed by three GOL Ministries: MFDP, MOCI, Liberia Business Registry, NIC and LMA. The GOL can go to all major importers of rice, vegetable oil, animal products and fish to negotiate for tax holidays with them to reduce all prices by 25-50% of their imports; this mechanism could be applicable to gasoline products too, the ripple effect will be felt in the market by reduced prices.
    4. No need to cut salaries workers anywhere as they are struggling already.
    Have a thought about it!!

  14. Clever attempt to get the citizens in the streets protesting against the government instead of staying home and safe. Okay, we are watching and preparing to undo the lockdown.

  15. As soon as you get through reading the proposals, anyone can surmise that it is a show of strength and power. My dear God, safe our people from hunger and starvation again!
    Liberians, know that the war is over. Look for people who can think for you to lead you to peace and prosperity and vote them next time.

    The senate is proposing a state of emergency for 4 months. Against what background?
    Most European countries are locked down for a given period to restrict movement in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. During the period under review, it would be possible for carriers of the disease to show signs and call or drive to nearby hospitals to be tested, quarantined and treated. This strategy, used by China, has yielded promising results. For fear of new contamination by passive carriers, and until a unanimous cure can be found, most of these countries are extending lockdown for another month. Bearing in mind the devastating consequences on the economy, some industries run with nonessential staffs.
    Why then would you guys want to close the entire country for 4 months without innovative solution to opening up some vital economic activities?

    How many Liberians have savings for subsistence? Does Liberia have reserves in any basic commodities to cater to its citizenry during the 4-month period? Why would you keep people indoor from 5pm to 7am? Do you know what you are doing? You will be exacerbating the spread of the COVID-19. How? Everything will be done in a rush from 8am to 3pm (the time shops and businesses close); social distancing will not be respected, the WHO guidelines will be trampled upon, commuting may be impossible, etc.

    For those who do not know the reality in Liberia, 90% of commodities consumed in Monrovia (Montserrado) come from the hinterland. Restricting movements from county to county is like asphyxiating Monrovia.
    Look, stop your hypocrisy of this so-called “Emergency COVID-19 Relief Fund”. How many people are going to benefit? Besides your immediate family members and extended relatives, as well as your girlfriends or boyfriends, how many poor Liberians will benefit from it? If you guys don’t stop your hypocrisy, COVID-19 will KILL you people!

    Mr. President, do not adhere to the 4-month emergency proposed by the senate, it’s suicidal for the impoverished citizenry. The consequences may be dire than the COVID-19.
    Tell your big shots to stop spreading the disease to the poor and innocent people. Let them be quarantined, instead of the people.
    Movement of goods, not people, should continue in and out of Monrovia. Have a special medical team to test drivers entering and leaving Monrovia with commodities and other items.
    Allow movements from 6am to 8pm for commuters and essential staff to adequately perform their duties and safely get home.

    May God protect Liberians!

  16. Tax increases across the board without taking into consideration the various earnings of employed citizens as well as other low income earners may not augur well for the country and its economy at this time.

    Many of the harsh criticisms brought against Senator Sherman are justifiable as he is one of those prime examples of the kind of individual whose greed within the senate has fostered bribery, has given more prop to the vitality of the imperial presidency, and has strengthened the making of laws to further impoverish the poorest of the population.

    I would imagine that after fourteen years of being a senator, Senator Sherman and likewise his contemporaries, have all earned enough money from the engineering of shaded deals so that by now they could at least push their brakes and try to give the average Liberians a slack from paying those high, stinging taxes out of their unrequited toil.

    Even a camel whose back has been broken as the result of abuse and neglect from its master is sometimes given some breathing space from the oppression. This situation is the contrary for the ordinary, working people in Liberia.

    As long as the welfare of the suffering masses is not secured, the welfare of the corrupt, rich, and powerful will never be secured! Time will tell, and I hope it will not be late.

  17. The lawmakers’ proposal to cut 25% from all governmental and non-governmental employees nationwide, is being received with mixed emotions. The truth of the matter is you cannot blame anyone who disagrees or who has become skeptical. In short, it’s not a smart proposal.

    The nation’s Senators earn $16,000 per month. A 25% temporary cut will yield each of them $12,000 a month for two months. On the other hand, the Representatives earn $15,000 per month. Which means if a 25% cut applies to them, they will receive $11,350 in two months.

    So how’s about a custodian (janitor) who gets a monthly take home pay of $100? Okay, if we do the math right, 100.00 x.25 equals $15. In other words, $100 – $15 equals $85.00.

    Let’s give the Liberian lawmakers a D- because they came up a proposal. But as we go down the line, the lawmakers didn’t think too far out their boxes. Yes indeed. In the US, stimulus checks are in the mail. (I haven’t received my yet). The operative word is “stimulus”. Because a good number of people are temporarily unemployed, it makes sense to give out such checks because the money will go straight into the US economy..,… this strategy will keep the United States’ economy afloat for a while.

    Secondly, not every federal employee or employees who work elsewhere in the US will be eligible to get a stimulus check. Why? Well because middle to upper class people earn more money than the proletarians! Let’s put it this way…the American model is smarter than the Liberian proposal. In Liberia, the lawmakers earn more money than the US Congressman. It’s a fact! In the scheme of things, one would think that because the lawmakers of Liberia make such “undeserved” money, it would have been a fantastic idea for their incomes to be cut in two months instead of the working class people. The legislators want a 25% cut across the board.

    Bottom Line:
    The Liberian legislators’ proposal cannot pass the smell test of stimulus! The proposal in Liberia is a cutthroat proposal. As usual, the lawmakers show that they don’t care. Finally, the Liberian legislators’ proposal borders on the fringes of weakness.


  18. 25% deduction from gainfully employed persons, what a joke. While other countries paying risk benefits, and other stimulus packages for its citizens our government is requesting for 25% from the already poor people. Heartless people God have mercy.

  19. Taking 25% of already poor people’s meager salaries is pure EVIL and NONSENSE. Recommendation to the Legislature:
    1. Take away Pres. Weah’s $500,000 plus so-called :Humanity Budget and add it to the COVID-19 Fund.
    2. Take away Mrs. Clar Weah’s unconstitutional $1.5 million allocation in our budget and add it the the COVID-19 Fund.
    3. Take away 25% from the budgets of Pres. Weah, VP Taylor, Speaker Chambers, Pro-Temp Chie, and Rep. Moye – these are the real thieves in Liberia. Their allocations in the budget of “the World’s 4th Poorest Nation” is an insult and injustice to Liberia.
    4. Take away the travel stipends, DSAs etc from Pres. Weah, ALL ministries, autonomous agencies, and the Legislature. Who is traveling now during the Coronavirus Pandemic? These should also be added to the COVID-19 Fund.
    5. Provide more testing, PPEs, and ventilators for healthcare workers and the affected.
    6. Prepare more hospital beds and facilities to accommodate patients should we encounter more patients.
    7. Remove the so-called 6,000 untrained CDCian Responders from the streets. We already have 2,000 trained responders.
    8. Provide food relief to the most vulnerable (handicapped, orphanages, etc). Make available stimulus funds in the $25 million budget in the form of loans and/or grants so that families can supplement food and drugs.
    9. Ensure that the Joint Security PROTECTS the populace and should NOT target any citizen unnecessarily.
    10. Restrict movement of citizens (except essential personnel) between the counties.

    With God’s help, we can fight and win Coronavirus. However, our govt needs to be serious and enact policies that will benefit the MASSES. Anything short will be a disservice to Liberia. Let’s be safe, Liberia.

  20. Workers are already paying about 25%-30% income tax on gross salary every month, so are they proposing extract 25% tax on the net salary (50+%)? Are they really serious? Why they couldn’t go after the alleged missing LD$ billions and US$ millions? Are they not aware that one person’s salary can care for over 25 family members with no income during these difficult times? I hope we are not confused by COVID-19 already. So SAD!

  21. It is just one person in the Senate that wrote his political draconian thesis the and his draconian economical stimulus package. He alone did that to show off his personal political importance and his legal smartness to his colleagues who have come to directly depend on him for his legal profession and education. It was Senator Sherman, the boastful Senator who believes that in the Senate and amongst his all colleagues , including that of the Pro-temp, no one is in his league in comparison to himself. And that without him , the Senate would be as backwards as the House of Representatives. He knows that he Sherman is the one that his colleagues depend on and look up to for any legal reasons and writings. And so he sets up to write his draconian political thesis and his draconian economical stimulus package, knowing that this colleagues will accept anything written by him. The parents of Senator Sherman benefited greatly as collaborators of the settlers’ draconian rule, which can be found in that country’s social policy , economic policy and the culture of its political body politics that makes up that country’s traditional ways of life. Draconian laws are the cultural traditional ways of life in that country brought by the settlers which Sherman and his parents benefited from as collaborators. Sherman never felt the weight of that draconian traditional way of life. He was surely protected from all that. So left on his own to write, he has no clue. As a Senator, he should have visited his county and see how the citizens of his county are living under the State of Emergency. Not Sherman, and it should not be any surprised. After he was elected as the county’s Senator, the Daily Observer quoted the Senator as saying , ” All he did was to speak a little Via” , the rest is history. That’s boastful Sherman, the Senator who benefited from the draconian traditional and cultural rules of the settlers that is now part of the body politics of that country. Which is still being used this very day. The show off Senator has embarrassed the entire Senate with his draconian economical stimulus package to fight the virus and his draconian political thesis to protect the whole country from the virus. He alone wrote that nonsense of a thesis, and only he alone must bear the full weight of that shame. His colleagues should reject his ideas completely. This is the handy works of Sherman, and not the Senate.

  22. I hope the house understand what they are doing or saying. Maybe the so called joint resolution committee were under the influence of substance that might has caused them to lost their sense of humor during draft of this useless proposal. They are needed to be taken to the psychiatric home for further examinations to find out whether stupidity has supersede their normal reasoning. Even my four years old daughters (twin) have the faculties of reasoning than this idiotic committee. Varney Sherman will continue to take staunch actions against this country in that useless house on any committee he spread head in avenge of the 2005 elections that saw his presidential ambition perpetually died down. By now, he should have been arraigned in court for economic sabotage for looting the they bong mine. I hope President Weah’s will strongly refute this worthless proposal in the best interest of this country. The 21 days already appalling to the state even thinking to shorten the period you useless guys are coming out with foolishness. These useless guys don’t mean well for this country. The people are already struggling through this nosediving economic, instead of them finding means of fixing it, they are finding way to further ploy the country into archaic poverty. Instead of the virus killing the people, they will died prematurely due to the hardship they will endures. No amount of support this struggling government can renders to contains it citizens for four months. Any attempt for such irresponsible and unpatriotic decisions to go through, Liberians Will transcend into animals, they will be wandering all over here looking for something to eat. Even the US that have the death toll that surge 34,000 they are fighting it hard to reopen their economic in the soonest possible time. This dirty committee do not understand the word ‘economic’ Many people already used to flamboyance way of living, if they cannot get those needs per day, they may not live longer, the disadvantage, the low income earners will find way into the graves sooner before the virus take it real stage. Going four months into the state of emergency for fears of the virus it will finally extinct this country into another world which will takes 50 years or plus to come back to normalcy.

    Liberians, we should not allow these jokers to continue playing with this country. This proposed decision is evil; it is against our beloved country and our children futures. It should be greeted with stiff resistance, even if it cause us to abolish the so called stupid house it must be a priority.

  23. Only the best of our educated citizens with the needed Know-Hows, Skillsets can move Liberia forward. Technologies will massively bring down corruption, etc. Just look at other small nations.

    Is everyone trying to get as much as they can?

    God bless Liberia

  24. Now, what’s in this package for Weah? Have people already forgotten that all revenue intakes belong in Weah’s personal coffers and they are spent in accordance with his discretion?

    The problem is people often missed the full impact of his messages because of his rhetorical style; however, if only the listeners could to pay keen attention to what he often says, then they would be very cautious and will not always be surprised by his actions. He told a throng of his followers once, “…I can score goal. When I tell people I can score goal, I mean O.”

    What was Weah saying? The casual listeners interpreted this message as he was talking about national developments and a plan to move the country forward.

    Notwithstanding, what his followers did not understand was his message connoted a deeper meaning other than what they thought his genuine intention was. He meant that he did not come to the presidency to die poor. As a goal scorer, he has his own personal agenda, and he will make sure it takes precedence above all national causes.

    For example, the goal scorer has already built 45 condos and bought a private jet in less than a year and six months. He accomplished this daring feat with impunity and at the detriment and health of the impoverished citizens.

    I wonder what is going to happen this time around with the IMF loans that are now in his custody. Beware people, Mighty Gbehkugbeh’s ultimate goal is to be called Africa’s richest president even it takes mortgaging all of Liberia’s valuable resources to foreign, predatory lenders for a little of nothing.

  25. Mr. Rhyne Brigiil ,

    As another commenter snapped , you make no sense at all. You need some help such as rehabilitation , followed by some education or at least awareness as to how a government or the world works.


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