2020 SATUC World Cup Delayed Due to COVID 19

The Foundation and the Moroccan government have decided that the 2020 SATUC tournament be delayed for a short period of time.

The organizers of the SATUC World Cup have postponed the 2020 edition of the tournament due to the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic.

This year’s edition of the tournament was scheduled to take place in Tiznit, Morocco from April 13 to 19, 2020, with 16 countries including Liberia confirmed as participants.  Currently Morocco has confirmed one person of the virus.

The foundation’s decision was reached on Tuesday, March 3, following the revision of it’s constitution and the decisions of the Board of Trustees and the Moroccan government.

“This is primarily due to the emergency conditions that will have a negative impact on all our children around the world, especially during travel at the airports,” said the Board of Trustees.

“We have seen from the past week there can be a sudden outbreak in a country so we need to be careful in line with recommendations from the Ministries of Education and Health. Our main priority is to ensure the well-being of all our community while allowing their lives to proceed.”

The organizers said they are monitoring the situation and making decisions based on advice from the local authorities, the Moroccan government and the World Health Organization.

“It will be very difficult for us to ensure that the institution can provide all the safety required for the participants. Media coverage of the event will be difficult because of the COVID-19 coronavirus and also the ambassadors.

The Foundation and the Moroccan government have therefore decided that the tournament will be delayed for a short period of time but the public needs to be rest assured that Sheikha / Sheikha Al Thani is keen to holding this tournament on the land of Morocco,” a release said.

Several sporting events across the globe have been postponed due to the virus which originated from China.

Around 90,000 people from more than 50 countries have since become infected, resulting in more 3,000 deaths already.


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