2017 First Quarter: 67 Killed in Road Accidents


Gregory Coleman, Inspector General (IG) of the Liberian National Police (LNP) says since the beginning of this year, police have documented 67 deaths as a result of road traffic accidents.

IG Coleman said the first quarter of 2016, (January to March) recorded 34 deaths as compared to the first quarter of 2017 that has seen twice the number of deaths.

Police Public Safety Section attributes the considerable rise in the number of road traffic accidents in the country to the lack of driver education, inexperience on the part of some vehicle operators, drunk driving, and bad road conditions.

Police accident reports also put the total number of individuals sustaining injuries of different degrees at 507, while 592 vehicles were damaged in the accidents.

The increase in traffic accidents across the country is alarming and the deadly situation needs to addressed, said IG Coleman.

The LNP boss expressed concern about the increase in the loss of human lives, “simply due to accidents that could have been prevented by some of the drivers.”

The LNP has therefore announced that on Monday April 24, it will commence a vigorous vehicle inspection program in Monrovia and its environs to ensure their roadworthiness.

Police Spokesman Sam Collins said the inspection will cover all vehicles plying the streets, and admonished vehicle owners to adhere to the inspection teams as the police will not relent to enforce the vehicle and traffic laws of Liberia.


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