2017 Defeated Rep. Candidate Donates Ambulance to Dist. #2, But…


By Folo-Glagba Korkollie in Bassa

A 2017 defeated candidate for electoral district #2, in Grand Bassa County, Thompson Dahnsaw has made a donation of an ambulance worth over $8,000 USD to aid the health needs of the district’s citizens but the ambulance is said to be parked due to poor conditions in the district.

Making the donation of the ambulance at the civil compound of Yeabloe administrative district #2 “A” in Glabon statutory district, Mr. Dahnsaw said the donation of the ambulance was in the fulfillment of his campaign promise, even though I did not win the elections.”

He thanked the citizens of the district (voters) for recognizing him as evidenced by their votes cast in his favor even though he did not win the election.

He prayed that authorities and citizens of the district will take advantage and ownership of the ambulance by maintaining and use it for the intended purpose.

He regretted that the donation of the ambulance was delayed due to its late shipment to the country.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the district and the winner of the election, Hon. Mary M. Karwar, the superintendent of Glabon statutory district #2, Madam Nancy Q. Greene commended Mr. Dahnsaw for the gesture.

Receiving the donation, local authorities, lawmaker Hon. Mary M. Karwar, elders and citizens as well as the district clinic workers, commended Mr. Dahnsaw for the gesture, saying it came at the right time, when there is a dire need of the ambulance to support the Senyah and Yeabloe health centers to transfer critically ill patients from the district to the government hospital in Buchanan for immediate treatment.

They called on other defeated candidates and other prominent citizens in the district, Monrovia and abroad, to emulate the good example of Mr. Dahnsaw for the transformation of the war-torn district and the country.

Unfortunately, however, since the donation of the ambulance, it has not been functional due to bad road conditions, according to information gathered from the station manager of Light Radio FM 90.9 via mobile phone interview with this reporter over the weekend.

Mr. Richard Z. Wheh said the Glakson statutory district authorities headed by the local superintendent, Madam Nancy Q. Greene, elders and citizens are brainstorming to have the ambulance replaced.

Madam Greene then called on other prominent citizens of the district in and out of the district and other parts of the world to emulate the good example of Mr. Dahnsaw.

In further comments, Mr. Wleh said due to the bad road conditions the ambulance has since been parked and local leaders are brainstorming to have the ambulance replaced with a Toyota Land Cruiser with a suspension high enough to negotiate the difficult road conditions leading to the three health centers in the district.


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